Paramedicine podcasts

Each week the Department of Paramedicine podcasts aim to share and disseminate our latest research and scholarship from Monash University paramedic academics and researchers. We aim to cover as many diverse topics as possible and hear from our faculty and students at different stages of their academic, research and clinical careers.

We know you are busy, so we aim to keep each episode easily digestible lasting between 15-25 minutes in length.  We also want each episode to be easy to listen to so we have aimed to make each episode conversational, relaxed and not full of research jargon.  We want you to relate the results of each study to your experiences that hopefully can impact positively to better clinical care, and ensure that our paramedic practice is based on sound clinical evidence.  We hope you enjoy every episode.

Explore our podcast episodes below or visit our Monash Paramedicine Podcast channel on Spotify.