Supporting social and emotional health in early childhood

Dr Claire Blewitt and Professor Helen Skouteris developed the Social-Emotional Engagement and Development (SEED) educational program as part of Claire’s PhD thesis.

SEED was co-designed for educators working with young children with low- and high-risk of social-emotional difficulties, including children with mental health and developmental challenges, in partnership with bestchance, Child Family Care. It’s a comprehensive online learning tool that aims to strengthen educators’ expertise in fostering children's social-emotional skills. Interactive modules offer evidence-based and tailored strategies that educators can embed into their early learning environment and teacher-child interactions.

SEED was developed using Intervention Mapping methodology and since 2019, has been offered to Victorian kindergartens through the Department of Education and Training’s School Readiness Funding scheme. It was awarded one of the highest ‘strength of evidence’ rankings of all educational programs included in the initiative. Dr Blewitt and Professor Skouteris have continued working with bestchance to further build and strengthen the evidence base for SEED.