Jean Hailes Research

Jean Hailes Research Unit

The Jean Hailes Research Unit is an innovative formal partnership between Monash University and community based knowledge translation and clinical service, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health. The Unit is located at the Alfred Hospital campus of the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University.

Our staff and students are drawn from diverse disciplinary backgrounds including in biological sciences, education, epidemiology, gender studies, implementation science, nursing, clinical and health psychology, psychiatry, pharmacy, public health, sociology and statistics.

Recognising that it is essential to incorporate gender equality and equity into public health, all research is informed by a social model of health, with a specific focus on understanding and addressing gender-based risks and the social, economic, cultural and political contexts of women’s lives. The partnership enables research to be informed by community perspectives, translated to inform national policy and practice, and made accessible to women, their families and their healthcare providers.