Supporting documentation for applicants

To support your application to Monash, you need to provide documents as proof that you meet the entry requirements. This will vary from course to course. We can't process your application until we receive all required documents. These must be certified as being a true copy of the original.

If your documents are in a language other than English, you must provide certified translations. For information on getting documents certified or translated, see:

Documents that may be required

Proof of identity and citizenship

You must provide a copy of your birth certificate or passport. Permanent residents (PR) must provide a copy of your PR visa.

Educational results

Secondary school or foundation year results
Provide a copy of your official record of results for your final year of secondary school or university foundation year if:

  • it lists a prerequisite subject for a course you're applying for
  • you have not completed a post-secondary course.

Tertiary results
Provide a copy of your official record of results for all relevant tertiary studies (except for studies at Monash University or Monash College). Academic records must include a key to the grades or marks shown.

Degree and diploma certificates
Any relevant qualification should appear on your academic record. If not, provide a copy of the certificate or a confirmation of completion from the institution where you studied.

English language ability

Provide a copy of your English language proficiency test completed within three years of your course commencement date. We cannot consider English test results more than two years old. For details, see English language requirements.

Courses with extra requirements

Some courses require you to provide other documents. Check whether your course has extra requirements.

Submitting documents

Upload your documents with your application

You can scan copies of your documents and upload them to the applicant portal when you submit your application. If you don't have the documents now, you can log back into the portal within 28 days and upload them. Click on the upload button beside your application.

Post your documents by mail

Print a cover sheet (see below), fill it in and mail your certified documents to us. The address is on the cover sheet:

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