2010 to date

Roll of Honorary Doctorates

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Dr Helen SILVER AODoctor of Laws11 May 2021
Dr Lesley GILLESPIE OAMDoctor of Laws17 May 2021
Dr Roger GILLESPIE OAMDoctor of Laws17 May 2021
The Honourable Dr Diana BRYANT AO QCDoctor of Laws19 May 2021
Dr Maudie PALMER AODoctor of Laws24 May 2021
Dr Anthony D’ALOISIO AMDoctor of Laws25 May 2021
Dr William Patrick GURRY AODoctor of Laws12 July 2021
Dr Sidney Baillieu MYER ACDoctor of Laws12 July 2021
Dr Shane BUGGLEDoctor of Laws13 December 2021
Professor Allan FELS AODoctor of Laws15 December 2021


Dr Raymond SHAWDoctor of Laws14 December 2020
Emeritus Professor Derek DENTON ACDoctor of Laws21 December 2020


Dr Paul James SHEARDDoctor of Laws20 May 2019
Emeritus Professor Gillian PALMERDoctor of Laws21 May 2019
Dr Elizabeth FINKEL AMDoctor of Laws22 May 2019
The Honourable Dr Kay PATTERSON AODoctor of Laws23 May 2019
Dr Peter John COLEMANDoctor of Laws29 May 2019
The Honourable Justice Elizabeth Lillian FULLERTONDoctor of Laws30 May 2019
Professor Devang KHAKHARDoctor of Laws24 October 2019


Professor Robert BAXT AODoctor of Laws8 March 2018
Dr Carole Judith SCHWARTZDoctor of Laws15 May 2018
Dr Dianne Fay WINKLER AMDoctor of Laws17 May 2018
Dr Fiona Sarah GEMINDERDoctor of Laws21 May 2018
Emeritus Professor Peter Leslie LeeDoctor of Laws23 May 2018
Dr Dion WeislerDoctor of Laws23 May 2018
The Honourable Justice Dr Pamela TATEDoctor of Laws24 May 2018
Dr John Howard McCall MacBAINDoctor of Laws24 May 2018
Dr Marcy McCALL MacBAINDoctor of Laws24 May 2018
Professor Jeffrey David SACHSDoctor of Laws16 October 2018
Dr Kgalema Petrus MOTLANTHEDoctor of Laws22 October 2018


Professor Edward BYRNE ACDoctor of Laws15 May 2017
Professor Lyn BEAZLEY AODoctor of Laws17 May 2017
Dr Nathan Isaac CHERNY AMDoctor of Laws 18 May 2017
Dr Cheryl BATAGOL PSMDoctor of Laws 22 May 2017
Dr Betty AMSDEN AO (posthumously)Doctor of Laws 23 May 2017
Dr Alan Simon FINKEL AODoctor of Laws24 May 2017
Professor Robert Alan BLOUINDoctor of Laws25 May 2017
Professor Jean-Pierre CHANGEUXDoctor of Laws19 September 2017
Dr Naomi Gay MILGROM AODoctor of Laws26 October 2017
The Honourable Justice Dr Mark Samuel WEINBERG AO QCDoctor of Laws27 October 2017


Dr Elizabeth Mary PROUST AODoctor of Laws16 May 2016
Dr Bill Ivan SCALES AODoctor of Laws23 May 2016
Dr Ian Frederick PYMAN AMDoctor of Laws 24 May 2016
General the Honourable Sir Peter COSGROVE AK AC (Mil) CVO MC (Retd)Doctor of Laws 25 May 2016
Dr Jeanne PRATT ACDoctor of Laws 26 May 2016
Dr Harold MITCHELL ACDoctor of Laws25 October 2016
Dr Raghunath MASHELKARDoctor of Laws26 October 2016
Professor Colin John BOURKE MBEDoctor of Laws27 October 2016
Professor Leanne ROWE AMDoctor of Laws13 December 2016
The Honourable Dr Robert Keith Bennett DOYLE ACDoctor of Laws15 December 2016


Professor Dr Adeeba KAMARULZAMANDoctor of Laws18 April 2015
Dr Kenneth Douglas LAY AODoctor of Laws11 May 2015
Dr Ian Robert WILDINGDoctor of Laws 13 May 2015
The Honourable Justice Dr Michael Donald Kirby AC CMGDoctor of Laws 19 May 2015
Professor Lord Kumar BHATTACHARYYA KT CBEDoctor of Laws 20 May 2015
Dr Louise ADLER AMDoctor of Laws 21 May 2015
Dr Max Irvine Gillies AMDoctor of Laws21 May 2015
Dr Tony WHEELER AODoctor of Letters
Monash Warwick Alliance Awards
17 July 2015
Professor John Anthony HAY ACDoctor of Laws29 October 2015


Professor Dr Olive SHISANADoctor of Laws15 February 2014
Dr Michael John ANDREW AODoctor of Laws12 May 2014
The Honourable Dr Alex CHERNOV AC QCDoctor of Laws 14 May 2014
Dr Carla ZAMPATTI ACDoctor of Laws 15 May 2014
Dr Lesley BOSTON AO Doctor of Laws 19 May 2014
The Honourable Dr Mark Alexander BirrellDoctor of Laws 20 May 2014
Dr Pauline GANDEL ACDoctor of Laws21 May 2014
Professor Brian KOBILKADoctor of Laws6 August 2014
The Honourable Dame Quentin Alice Louise BRYCEDoctor of Laws
Monash Warwick Alliance Awards
26 August 2014
Dr Peter Hugh ROGERSDoctor of Laws22 October 2014
Dr LEE Weng KengDoctor of Laws23 November 2014
Professor Henry George BURGER AODoctor of Laws16 December 2014


Professor Dr BOEDIONODoctor of Laws13 February 2013
Tan Sri Dato' Ranjit Ajit SINGH Doctor of Laws13 March 2013
The Honourable Dr Peter Howard Costello ACDoctor of Laws 9 May 2013
Dr John FRASER Doctor of Laws 16 May 2013
Dr Elizabeth FARRELL AM Doctor of Laws 30 May 2013
Professor Kamal K MIDHA Doctor of Laws 6 June 2013
Dr Vincent FITZGERALD AODoctor of Laws12 September 2013
Maestro Richard BONYNGE AC CBEDoctor of Laws12 September 2013
Dr Michael SMITH OBEDoctor of Laws26 September 2013
Dr Patricia Mary FAULKNER AODoctor of Laws26 September 2013
Dr Anthony PRATTDoctor of Laws10 October 2013
Dr John GANDEL ACDoctor of Laws17 October 2013
Dr YI HongDoctor of Laws24 October 2013
Dr Megan CLARK ACDoctor of Laws24 October 2013
Dr JIANG BoDoctor of Laws24 October 2013
Dr KE YangDoctor of Laws24 October 2013
Sir Nigel THRIFTDoctor of Laws24 October 2013
Dr Aung San Suu KyiDoctor of Laws30 November 2013
Dr Fran THORNDoctor of Laws17 December 2013
Dr Rodney Leonard CHADWICK AMDoctor of Laws17 December 2013
Dr Brian CORLESS OAMDoctor of Laws18 December 2013


Professor Gert Johannes (Jakes) GERWELLDoctor of Laws11 February 2012
Peter Brian WADEDoctor of Laws3 May 2012
Professor Ian Reay MACKAY AMDoctor of Laws 24 May 2012
Professor Paul Michel Georges Remi VANHOUTTE Doctor of Laws 31 May 2012
Professor Ian William CHUBB AC Doctor of Laws 7 June 2012
Professor Dan SHECHTMAN Doctor of Laws 13 September 2012


Dr Monde Temba TABATA Doctor of Laws 12 February 2011
Dr Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul RAZAKDoctor of Letters4 March 2011
Madam FU LingDoctor of Laws 5 March 2011
Dato' CHEW Chee Kin Doctor of Laws 9 March 2011
His Excellency Dr Jose Manuel RAMOS-HORTADoctor of Laws6 April 2011
Emeritus Professor Richard Graeme LARKINS AC Doctor of Laws 7 April 2011
Dr Nagavara Ramarao Narayana MURTHY Doctor of Engineering10 May 2011
Sir Roderick Ian EDDINGTON AODoctor of Laws 15 September 2011
Dr Paul Henry RAMLER AMDoctor of Laws 22 September 2011
Lady Primrose Catherine POTTER ACDoctor of Laws 13 October 2011
Sir Roderick Howard CARNEGIE ACDoctor of Laws 13 October 2011
Philip YEO Doctor of Laws 11 November 2011
Emeritus Professor Alan Osborne TROUNSON Doctor of Laws 25 November 2011
HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud Doctor of Laws 3 December 2011
Dr Harrison YOUNGDoctor of Laws 15 December 2011
Professor Paul ZIMMET AO Doctor of Laws15 December 2011


Dr Emsley Manne DIPICODoctor of Laws13 February 2010
The Right Honourable Dr Malcolm FRASER AC CH Doctor of Laws 20 May 2010
Professor Francis William KENT (posthumously)Doctor of Letters2 July 2010
Dr Leslie ERDI OAMDoctor of Laws 14 October 2010
Professor Marilyn Bernice RENFREE AO Doctor of Laws 9 December 2010
Professor John Watson FUNDER AC Doctor of Laws 9 December 2010
Professor Patrick Dennistoun McGORRY AO Doctor of Laws 16 December 2010