Single degrees

Specialist vs Comprehensive courses

Our specialist degrees are a good option if you are already sure you know what you want to study, or if you have a specific career goal in your sights. These courses are designed to ensure you have the right combination of skills needed for your professional field.

Comprehensive degrees are a great choice if you're not sure what you want to do as you get to explore a range of different areas before choosing a major. They give you a broad business or commerce base, and provide you with more freedom to tailor your degree based on your interests as they develop.

With a specialist course, you'll take 11 or 12 units in your specialist area which means you can spend more of your studies in one area to start building a specific skill set from your first day.

The great thing about a specialist degree is that they're specifically designed to ensure that you meet any accreditation requirements, while giving you flexibility to do other things within your degree. With a specialist degree you can still study abroad or even complete an industry placement.


Specialist vs Comprehensive

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