Honours is an extra year of study that builds on the knowledge gained in your undergraduate degree and gives you the skills to undertake independent research.

Monash Business School offers a one-year, Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) program for selected students. Specialisations under the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) include accounting, business law and taxation, econometrics, economics, finance , management and marketing.

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What are the benefits?

An honours degree gives you a competitive advantage in your career, and is the first step to pursuing further studies, such as master's degree or a PhD.

The honours program gives you the opportunity to study aspects of your undergraduate major in more depth. Some programs contain a mix of advanced theory, research training and research and some programs require you to complete coursework and a research project.

Career opportunities

Honours graduates have special expertise valued by employers and therefore have a competitive advantage in the job market. The honours year also prepares you to undertake higher degrees by research including the MPhil or a PhD.