Bachelor of Collaborative Design

“Choose your own adventure” by undertaking a mix of studios from Spatial Design, Communication Design and Industrial Design to graduate with a personalised design skillset.

Collaborative Design is a new educational opportunity that answers industry’s increasing need for design professionals with blended skill sets, who have the ability to work in new and emerging career fields including service design, experience design, and co-design.

A selection of works from our graduating Design students, as presented in MADA Now 2020. Explore more...

Career possibilities

In their recent report on The Future of Jobs, the World Economic Forum determined that the top skills highly valued by future employers include creativity, critical thinking and complex problem-solving. By custom-creating your own combination of design studios, a Bachelor of Collaborative Design from Monash enables you to gain those skills, becoming an outstanding collaborator, critical thinker, and problem-solver. It’s a highly appealing and transferable combination that’ll ensure you’re equipped to take on traditional design careers as well as future careers that haven’t yet been imagined.

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How the course works

Collaborative Design is all about breadth – you’ll develop multi-disciplinary skills that you can use to solve a wide range of challenges. In Year 1, you’ll be asked to choose a design studio from one of Communication, Industrial or Spatial Design, then in Year 2, you’ll choose a different one, expanding your range of design capabilities and understanding as you progress.

You’ll get right into design in Year 1, working individually and together on projects to create speculative and innovative responses to contemporary issues facing people and the planet. By the end of the first semester, you’ll have a broader understanding of design’s potential and a clearer idea of the pathway you want to follow.

Design Studios: 50%, History and Theory: 25%, Common Unit: 12%, Electives or Double Degree: 12%

Also in Year 1, electives let you choose subjects from across Art, Design and Architecture or the rest of Monash to become the creative professional you want to be. If you choose to study a double degree, this will be subjects from your other degree instead.

Design Studios: 25%, History and Theory: 12%, Electives or Double Degree: 62%

In Year 2, there’s all sorts of time for electives or your double degree. With electives, you might choose to undertake an industry placement and work with a design practice relevant to your discipline, or you could choose to go overseas via an exchange with another university, or at the Monash Prato Centre studying design in Europe – it’s up to you.

Design Studios: 50%, History and Theory: 25%, Electives or Double Degree: 25%

It all comes together in Year 3. In two bespoke Collaborative Design studios, you’ll be challenged to apply the unique insights you’ve gained from your first and second-year studios to an independent research project that highlights your capabilities as a multidisciplinary designer. At the end of the year, you’ll put together a public exhibition of your work so that your friends and family – and industry professionals – can see what you’ve created.

Professional recognition

Monash University’s Bachelor of Collaborative Design is recognised by the Design Institute of Australia (DIA), the peak industry body representing Australian design and designers domestically and internationally.

Study options,
Entry requirements,
and How to apply

It’s your choice: you can study the Bachelor of Collaborative Design as a single degree (apply via the Bachelor of Design), or, with one extra year of study, graduate with two degrees by including it as part of a double degree.

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Single degree

Double degrees

Top 5 reasons to study Design at Monash


Think like a designer

Solve complex problems with curiosity, agility, experimentation and creativity.


Double your career opportunities

With one extra year of study, a double degree can open up further career opportunities.


Be ready to tackle complexity

Through interdisciplinary studios, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge future employers will demand.


Learn from the best

You’ll be guided by expert practitioners and industry professionals with up‐to‐date knowledge of current and future trends.


Electives give you choice

Tailor your degree to suit your career ambitions. Choose from over 100 electives in Art, Design and Architecture and more from across the University.

Meet our graduates

Monash grads seek to make a positive difference in the world by taking on global problems and solving them with innovative design solutions. We’d like to introduce you to some of them. More graduates...

Image: First-year Design students collaborate to transform the faculty foyer into a colourful exhibition space.