The Monash Design Prize

Image: Exquisite corpse ‘wearable’: Jessica Heng, Tom Millard and Emily Fraser; Collaborative Design Studio 1, 2021.

The Department of Design at Monash Art, Design and Architecture is proud to announce its inaugural Design Award, open to all Australian students in years 10, 11 and 12. At Monash we’re committed to ensuring our design practice contributes to the essential change the world needs as we transition towards a more sustainable, equitable and desirable long-term future. Whether it’s through our teaching or the work of our research labs, Monash Design, designs for good.

As we emerge into a new, post-pandemic world we’re keen to encourage our ‘design for good’ philosophy beyond the university. We’d like to invite you, the budding designers of the future, to join us in this mission and show us how you apply design to respond to some of our most pressing challenges.

  • What’s involved?

    Show us what you’ve designed to address a particular challenge. You can address any issue from sustainability and climate action, to social equity and healthy communities. And you can choose any format; a poster campaign, product design, interior or public space, wearable device... the choice is yours. Once you submit your work, we will display it on a specially built online exhibition platform for the world to see your design genius.

  • The prize

    The winning entrant will receive the Monash Design Award, judged by a panel of leading university and industry designers. The award will consist of a certificate, trophy, $1000 and a two week paid design internship with Monash Design Health Collab.

  • Who can enter?

    If you’re a year 10—12 student in Australia you are eligible to enter. At Monash, we believe anyone can think, act and make like a designer so you don’t need to have undertaken any specific subjects. You just have to have the ability to show us your ideas visually. Check out our image gallery on the next page to see how Monash students, alumni and staff have addressed similar challenges. We very much look forward to seeing your solutions among our own.

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