Remaking post-industrial plans: urban industrial zoning past and future

Examining the complex, changing functions and roles of urban industrial land.


Funded by

  • Australian Research Council

This project will develop new and meaningful approaches to planning for industrial areas that enable urban policymakers to prepare for future industrial and employment change.

Professor Carl Grodach

Planning for industrial land remains entrenched in approaches that are outdated and not in sync with existing and emerging conditions. Urban policymakers sacrifice dwindling employment lands for property value growth and in the process, fail to best leverage opportunities to incorporate industrial activity in sustainable planning goals.

Through digital archival mapping, on-site analysis, and planner interviews, Urban Planning and Design researchers deep dive into how industrial lands and their regulatory settings are linked to changes in urban development over time. This will lead to new learnings provoking thought, inspiring action and transforming industrial zones to meet contemporary needs, adapting seamlessly to future disruptions.