Monash Urban Lab

Integrated design and urban planning research for social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

The Monash Urban Lab distinguishes itself through its unique integration of practice-based design and urban planning research. The Lab combines multi-scalar architectural design investigations with policy studies focussed on transitioning to sustainable and equitable urban environments and communities at city and regional scales.

The Lab pursues three integrated research areas:

  1. Sustainable and Inclusive Cities
    • Integrated housing design, typology and policy research
    • Suburban intensification that explores strategic infill, suburban retrofit and new suburban typologies
    • Community engagement with a commitment to underrepresented constituencies
  2. Urban Infrastructure Systems
    • Water sensitive urban design and revitalisation
    • Hybrid natural and built systems
    • Reindustrialisation
  3. Visualising Urban Futures
    • Visioning future urban scenarios
    • Urban Data Analytics
    • Critical inquiry around ‘smart city’ data applications in urban planning and design

The Monash Urban Lab encourages enquires for future research projects and collaborations.

Current projects

Past projects

Banner artwork: Monash Urban Lab, Urban Intensification & Green Infrastructure: Towards a Water Sensitive City, 2016