Monash Urban Lab

The Monash Urban Lab focuses on architecture, urban design and urban planning research.

The Urban Lab is currently being developed as an umbrella structure that collects together the research of the former Monash Architecture Studio and other urban research in the Department of Architecture under seven strands: City Critical, Compact City, Ecological City, Inclusive City, Informal City, Productive City and Regions. Each strand has academic leadership with thematically related projects sitting within it.

All of the research in the Urban Lab has the ambition of making a significant contribution to some of the most pressing urban issues facing cities and regions. It does this in a variety of ways including through propositional plans, designs and speculations, through academic and other publications, and through broader commentary. The spatial scope and scale of the research moves from the urban and suburban, to the regional and global.

The Urban Lab provides a research environment that engages in rigorous investigation using a combination of methods. Design methods include spatial analysis, visual research, case study research, workshops, speculative design, and ‘live’ projects analysed and explored iteratively. Textual methods include discursive research and analysis in the history, theory and criticism of architecture, urban planning and aligned fields.

Research projects include ARC Discovery and Linkage Projects and commissioned research from industry or government. Academics from the Department of Architecture work on these projects in collaboration with a variety of partners such as government departments and agencies, the design and urban planning professions, community groups, as well as academics from across Monash University and other institutions.

Current projects

Past projects

Banner artwork: Monash Urban Lab, Urban Intensification & Green Infrastructure: Towards a Water Sensitive City, 2016