ACBD research groups

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Blood Cancers and Stem CellsThrombosis and Haemostasis
David CurtisProf David Curtis
Curtis group
Blood stem cells, stem cell biology
Stephen JaneProf Stephen Jane
Jane group
Red blood cells, thalassemia
Rob AndrewsA/Prof Rob Andrews
Andrews group
Systems haematology
Anthony DearA/Prof Anthony Dear
Dear group
Epigenetics, myelodysplasia
Matt McCormackA/Prof Matt McCormack
McCormack group
Hematopoiesis, leukaemia
Christoph HagemeyerA/Prof Christoph Hagemeyer
Hagemeyer group
Nano- & biotechnology, drug delivery
A/Prof Ross Dickins
Dickins group
Tumour suppressor gene function, AML, ALL
Prof Andrew Perkins
Perkins group
Myelofibrosis, genomics
Justin HamiltonA/Prof Justin Hamilton
Hamilton group
Discovering novel anti-thrombotics
Mark GuthridgeDr Mark Guthridge
Guthridge group
AML, therapy, models
Prof Andrew Spencer
Spencer group
Robert MedcalfProf Rob Medcalf
Medcalf group
Fibrinolysis, stroke, traumatic brain injury 
A/Prof Jody HaighA/Prof Jody Haigh
Haigh group
Leukaemia mouse models
Stephen TingA/Prof Stephen Ting
Ting group
Blood stem cells, stem cell biology
Prof Harshal Nandurkar
Nandurkar group
Vascular biology
Anissa JabbourDr Anissa Jabbour
Jabbour group
Cytokines, AML
Andrew WeiA/Prof Andrew Wei
Wei group
AML, therapy, models
Clinical Trial Research
CRU Clinical TrialsHaematology Clinical Research Unit (CRU) - Clinical   TrialsStem Cell Transplantation Clinical trialStem Cell Transplantation