ACBD research groups

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Blood Cancers and Stem Cells Thrombosis and Haemostasis
David CurtisProf David Curtis
Curtis/Ting group
Blood stem cells, stem cell biology
Stephen JaneProf Stephen Jane
Jane/Curtis group
Red blood cells, thalassemia
Dr Karen Alt
Alt group
Theranostics, Molecular Imaging
Anthony DearA/Prof Anthony Dear
Dear group
Epigenetics, myelodysplasia
Matt McCormackA/Prof Matt McCormack
McCormack group
Hematopoiesis, leukaemia
Rob AndrewsA/Prof Rob Andrews
Andrews group
Systems haematology
A/Prof Ross Dickins
Dickins group
Tumour suppressor genes, AML, differentiation therapy
Prof Andrew Perkins
Perkins group
Myelofibrosis, genomics
Christoph HagemeyerA/Prof Christoph Hagemeyer
Hagemeyer group
Nano- & biotechnology, drug delivery
Mark GuthridgeDr Mark Guthridge
Guthridge group
AML, therapy, models
Prof Andrew Spencer
Spencer group
Justin HamiltonA/Prof Justin Hamilton
Hamilton group
Discovering novel anti-thrombotics
Dr Catherine Carmichael
Carmichael Group
Leukaemia modelling and therapeutic discovery
Stephen TingA/Prof Stephen Ting
Ting group
Blood stem cells, stem cell biology
Robert MedcalfProf Rob Medcalf
Medcalf group
Fibrinolysis, stroke, traumatic brain injury
Andrew Wei  A/Prof Andrew Wei
Wei group
AML, therapy, models
  Prof Harshal Nandurkar
Nandurkar group
Vascular biology
    Warwick NesbittDr Warwick Nesbitt
Nesbitt group
Lab-on-a-chip, Diagnostics
Clinical Trial Research
CRU Clinical TrialsHaematology Clinical Research Unit (CRU) - Clinical   TrialsStem Cell Transplantation Clinical trialStem Cell Transplantation