Blood Donors

Have you considered donating blood for research?

A large area of our research focus is on the study of processes involved in the formation of blood clots.  While blood clots normally form to prevent excessive bleeding following an injury, the same process is responsible for the formation of harmful clots that may block blood vessels causing heart attacks or strokes.  Therefore, a clearer understanding of how clots form will not only increase our knowledge of blood clot formation in healthy individuals and individuals with cardiovascular diseases, but may potentially lead to new preventive and therapeutic drugs for heart attack and strokes.

Video 1:52 min A/Prof Justin Hamilton's research is funded in part by the Heart Foundation. For more information about A/Prof Justin Hamilton's research, please visit his lab page

For us to pursue our research on blood clotting, we need fresh blood on a daily basis.  This is because the blood cell primarily responsible for blood clotting -  platelets - cannot survive for more than a few hours once taken out of the body.  Each morning, we collect donor's blood, isolate platelets and then perform experiments.  Without daily blood donations we cannot do our research.  Thankfully, there are many generous donors who have been supporting our research over the years. However, we are always short of blood donors and any additional help from you will make a big difference.

As our primary interest is on platelets, we can accept most blood donors. So even if you are not eligible for Red Cross donation, for example, if you have resided in England, you can still donate blood for our research.

Who can donate?

Blood donors must be aged 18 - 60 years, and not currently taking anti-clotting or anti-inflammatory medication.  These include non-prescription drugs such as  Aspirin, Dispirin,  ibuprofen (Nurofen)

We accept some individuals unable to give blood at the Red Cross Blood Bank (i.e. People who have previously resided in the United Kingdom).

How to donate?

  • Blood is collected at The Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (Level 1 Walkway,via Alfred Centre) between 8:30 – 10:00 am. Blood volumes required can range from 50 – 200 mls.
  • Participation is entirely voluntary, and participants will receive $10 per donation for their travel and parking costs.

Who to contact?

For more information and to make a blood donation appointment, please contact:

Australian Centre for Blood Diseases
Nikki Kara
P: 03 9903 0122 | E:
between 9am – 5pm, Monday - Friday

Your blood is valuable to us.