Medcalf Group - Molecular Neurotrauma, Haemostasis

Key terms: Fibrinolysis, stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI)

2022 Medcalf group
2022 group L-R: Back row - Zikou (Oscar) Liu, Ahnaf Hossain, Sayan Thuraisamy, Rob Medcalf, Front row - Fiona McCutcheon, Joanne Chia, Heidi Ho, Charithani (Cherry) Keragala; Yunxin (Cindy) Xiao, Rachel Waring

Group Leader - Prof Robert Medcalf

Robert Medcalf Prof Robert Medcalf is deeply interested in fibrinolysis - the process our bodies implement to remove blood clots. He is investigating how we can use our natural clot busting mechanisms to help treat stroke victims. His interest is in the chemicals in our bodies that can help reduce the long-term damage of stroke and also in other diseases of the brain including traumatic brain injury.

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Selected publications

For Improved Method for the Preparation of a Human Cell-based, Contact Model of the Blood-Brain Barrier video please click here

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