The Department of Respiratory Research@Alfred has a number of major research areas & laboratories.

The research in the Department of Respiratory Research@Alfred encompasses predominantly programs in:

Allergic diseases Sleep apnoea and sleep disordered breathing
Severe asthma Cystic fibrosis
Bronchiectasis Adult and paediatric lung transplantation programs
Interstitial lung diseases Pulmonary vascular disease
Primary and acquired immune deficiencies Respiratory care

The Department of Respiratory Research@Alfred's research questions are clinically driven, with the goal of improving clinical care and treatment. The safe, rapid, informed translation of laboratory based research into clinical practice is a priority. The Department of Respiratory Research@Alfred's co-location with the Alfred Hospital, the Central Clinical School Departments of Immunology and Pathology and Medicine, the Baker and the Burnet research institutes enables extensive collaboration between all these groups.

The Department of Respiratory Research@Alfred's very active clinical and biomedical research programs result in considerable success in competitive NHMRC, ARC, Cooperative Research Centre and philanthropic research funding.  See Grants.

PhD students and research

Enquiries are welcome. We invite you to contact researchers directly to discuss possible projects. For further information about the School's postgraduate programs and students, see links: