Holland - Respiratory Care group

Respiratory care group

Key terms

  • respiratory; physiotherapy; pulmonary rehabilitation; COPD; pulmonary fibrosis; exercise training; supportive care; access to care; physical activity; telerehabilitation; clinical trials; implementation

The group

2020 Respiratory Care group. Back row, L-R: Angela Burge, Christie Mellerick, Anthony May, Carla Malaguti. Middle row: Gabriella Tikellis, Aroub Lahham, Narelle Cox, Mariana Hoffmann, Joanna Lee. Front row: Julianna Dreger, Anne Holland, Janet Bondarenko. Absent: Leona Dowman, Arwel Jones.

Group leader - Prof Anne Holland

Prof Anne Holland’s research program investigates supportive therapies for people with chronic respiratory disease, with a focus on COPD and pulmonary fibrosis.

Email: anne.holland@monash.edu

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Research goal

Our research aims to improve the lives of people with chronic lung disease through novel non-drug treatments and optimal supportive care.

Research overview

Our work starts with understanding the supportive care needs of people living with lung disease, developing new non-drug treatments, testing these in clinical trials, and then implementing effective treatments into clinical practice. We have a strong focus on pulmonary rehabilitation for people with chronic lung disease. This includes developing new pulmonary rehabilitation models to improve access and uptake (e.g. low-cost home-based rehabilitation and telerehabilitation) and optimizing pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with complex needs, such as those with pulmonary fibrosis. Our research builds the evidence underpinning a wide range of non-drug treatments for chronic lung disease including oxygen therapy, self-management, and peer support. We have strong links to the Department of Physiotherapy and Department of Respiratory Research@Alfred, providing valuable opportunities to embed research into clinical practice.

Participants sought - research studies


Current project funding

2019 A Holland, C McDonald, A Mahal, N Lannin, N Cox, G Hepworth, P O’Halloran. Medical Research Future Fund, Australia. Transforming pulmonary rehabilitation to reduce hospital admissions in COPD
2018 N Cox, A Holland. National Health and Medical Research Council. Early HomeBase pulmonary rehabilitation after hospitalisation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
2018 L Dowman, A Holland. Institute for Breathing and Sleep. High intensity interval training in fibrotic interstitial lung disease: a randomised controlled trial
2017 R Vlahos, S Bozinovski, A Holland. National Health and Medical Research Council. Targeting oxidant-dependent pathways to treat skeletal muscle wasting in COPD
2017 A Holland, C McDonald, T Corte, D Chambers, A Palmer, M Ekstrom, I Glaspole, N Goh, G Hepworth. National Health and Medical Research Council. Ambulatory oxygen for interstitial lung disease
2016 T Corte, D Knight, G Laurent, A Holland, D Chambers, Y Moodley, E Walters, G Westall, I Glaspole, A Palmer. National Health and Medical Research Council. Centre for Research Excellence in Pulmonary Fibrosis
2016 D Brooks, RS Goldstein, M Beauchamp, AL Lee, J Alison, P Camp, G Dechman,  S Harrison, AE Holland, A Marquez, J Sanchez, E Skinner, L Spencer, J Sanchez, M Stickland. Canadian Institute for Health Research. What is the effect of balance training on falls in people with COPD?

Recent publications

Selected publications

  • Lahham A, McDonald CF, Cox NS, Nichols A, Liacos A, Rawlings S, Moore R, Holland AE. The impact of home-based pulmonary rehabilitation on people with mild chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a randomised controlled trial. The Clinical Respiratory Journal. Accepted December 18 2019.
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