Master of Mental Health Science

The Master of Mental Health Science (MMHSci) is designed with professionals working in the mental health field in mind. This course is offered by the Department of Psychiatry to develop professional knowledge and skills for clinicians delivering mental health care. Depending upon their undergraduate studies, students can choose from the following streams of subspecialisations: child psychotherapy, psychiatry, mental health nursing, community mental health. These specialisations aim to meet the specific needs of these disciplines within mental health services. The course can be completed by coursework, or for those professionals seeking to build their research capacity, incorporation of a research project or minor thesis is available to address that need.

A key benefit of the Monash MMHSci is the ability to tailor the degree to meet workplace training needs or individual preferences and interests. Whilst each specialisation is led and taught predominantly by the relevant discipline, the overarching structure of the MMHSci across the different specialisations provides opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and reflects the multidisciplinary mental health workplace.


2021 semester dates

Semester 1

  • 1 March - 28 May
  • Weekend Workshop:  27 - 28  March
  • Mid-semester break:  5 - 9 April

Semester 2

  • 26 July - 22 October
  • Weekend Workshop: 21 - 22 August
  • Mid-semester break:  27 September - 1 October

The Department of Psychiatry at Monash University offers the following units as single unit enrolments to health care professionals who encounter mental health issues in their day to day environment. (These units all feature in our Master of Mental Health Science suite of degrees).

These units are also available as elective units for students undertaking degrees at Monash University in related fields. Students enrolled in a course at Monash can also apply to enrol into single units as non-award study outside their award course.

All units are taught via an online platform with mandatory attendance at a weekend workshop once during the semester. They are taught within the standard University semester (12 weeks) and carry a work requirement of approx. 12 hours per week.

For enrolment enquiries, contact Andrea Peres, Course Administrator - Master of Mental Health Science:

Single Unit Enrolments in Mental Health Science

You can apply to study a single subject (unit) at Monash University, without enrolling in an entire course - you won’t receive an award at the completion of study; however, you can purchase an official transcript of your results. If you intend to enrol in a course after completing single units you may be able to apply for a credit transfer.

Doctor of Psychology (DPsych)

This research degree integrates theory, clinical practice and research to qualify students to work as work in clinical and research settings. The Department of Psychiatry provides project support for theses in the DPsych program.

PhD in Psychiatry

The Psychiatry PhD program follows the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Monash Program (INSERT LINK) and reflects the wide range of research currently being undertaken in the department. Students from a wide range of fields including science, psychology, allied health, engineering and medical backgrounds have undertaken their PhD projects in areas ranging from laboratory based to clinical studies. Further information on potential research projects can be found on our research page.