Master of Mental Health Science

The Master of Mental Health Science (MMHSci) is designed with mental health professionals in mind. If you work in mental health, welfare, disability, education or criminal justice this degree will provide you with advanced training and knowledge up-skilling relevant to both community and closed environments.

Personalise your degree

A key benefit of the Monash MMHSci is your ability to tailor your degree to meet workplace training needs or individual preferences. You can choose to specialise in child psychotherapy (completing all units in this pathway qualifies you to work under Victoria's Child Psychotherapists Award and to join the Victorian Child Psychotherapy Association), community mental health or opt for a generalist approach.

Find out more about the Master of Mental Health Science and our specialised psychiatry themes.

PhD in Psychiatry

The Psychiatry PhD program is large, well established and highly successful; students from science and medical backgrounds have completed their research degree with us.

Find out more about completing a Doctor of Philosophy at Monash.

Doctor of Psychology (DPsych)

This research degree integrates theory, practice and research to qualify you as a highly skilled clinical psychologist, able to assess and treat children and adults with serious emotional or behavioural disorders, people caught up in the legal system and others experiencing mental stress.

The Department of Psychiatry provides project support for theses in the DPsych program. Find out more about the Monash Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology.