Bachelor of Medical Science, Doctor of Medicine

Bachelor degree/Master degree

The Department of Psychiatry plays an integral role in delivering the curriculum of the Medical Science and Medicine degree across the various clinical sites in Victoria and Malaysia which are affiliated with Monash University.

Whilst psychiatry is a relatively new speciality, mental health is increasingly being recognised alongside physical health as being an integral part of general well being. The promotion of mental health and prevention and treatment of psychiatric disorders is an essential component of medical training.  Students at Monash University begin in first year with units in ‘Health and Human Behaviour' and ‘Human Lifespan Development'. In second year of the undergraduate degree, psychiatry is taught alongside neurology. In fourth year, students will spend several weeks immersed in psychiatry in a clinical setting. These clinical placements are based at public and private psychiatric hospitals and community practices across metropolitan and rural Victoria and Malaysia.

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Bachelor of Medical Science(Honours)

The Bachelor of Medical Science Honours (BMedSc(Hons)) is an optional additional year of study, usually taken at the end of year three or four, for students already enrolled in the old MBBS or current Bachelor of Medical Science, Doctor of Medicine.

The year, which culminates in a minor thesis, provides the medical student with in-depth exposure to the research environment; working with and learning from incredibly experienced and supportive clinician-scientists. Skills sets integral to being a doctor - problem solving, trouble shooting, and initiative as well as a deeper understanding of the research environment are developed over the year.

On completion of their BMedSci Hons, students will return to the clinical setting to finish their MBBS or Bachelor of Medical Science, Doctor of Medicine (a transition supported by the clinical bridging program). Students have reported feeling more confident and prepared for any future opportunities or challenges.

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Psychiatry thesis project themes

For information on potential BMedSc(Hons) projects offered by the Department of Psychiatry, please refer to the student research projects webpage.