DARE Project

About the DARE Project

This was a large study in the form of a randomised controlled trial of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for people recruited from community settings who had at least 3 previous major depressive episodes.

The primary aim was to examine the effectiveness of MBCT on reducing participant experience of major depressive episodes compared  with people receiving a supported self-monitoring program only. MBCT was delivered by practitioners recruited and trained in a manner feasible for adoption in regular clinical services.


Kearns NP, Shawyer F, Brooker JB, Graham AL, Enticott JC, Martin PR, et al. Does rumination mediate the relationship between mindfulness and depressive relapse? The British Psychological Society. 2016;89:33-49.

Shawyer F, Enticott JC, Ozmen M, Inder B, Meadows GN. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for  recurrent major depression: A ‘best buy’ for health care? Australian  and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. 2016;50:1001-13.

Meadows GN, Shawyer F, Enticott JC, Graham AL, Judd F, Martin PR, Piterman L, Segal Z. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for recurrent depression: A translational research study with 2-year follow-up. The final definitive version of this paper has been published in the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. 48(8):743-755, August 2014. You can also access the accepted version of the manuscript.

Shawyer F, Meadows GN, Judd F, Martin PR, Segal Z, Piterman L. The DARE study of relapse prevention in depression: design for a phase 1/2 translational randomised controlled trial involving mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and supported self monitoring. BMC Psychiatry. 2012 Jan 19;12:3.

Project status

The study is concluded and we are no longer recruiting participants.