Bachelor of Paramedicine (Honours)

The Honours degree is designed to develop graduates, who will contribute to clinical research in community-based emergency health, improve patient outcomes and further both the paramedic profession and community-based emergency  health services.

The course aims to help high-achieving students acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve excellence in research scholarship.

Career opportunities

In addition to working as ambulance paramedics, Honours students can specialise in the intensive care field and expand into clinical education, research and management positions.

Entry requirements

Students must have completed a Bachelor of Emergency Health (Paramedics) degree at any University with an average of at least 70% in at least 24 credit points at third year level.

Applicants can apply directly to Monash via

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Ric Bouvier Honours scholarship

Dr Ric (Frederic) Bouvier (1923-2017): Background to Scholarship

Ric was an icon in the evolution of ambulance services and the paramedic as a professional in Australia. He has previously been honoured by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) for his leadership in this area.  Apart from his engagement and support of his community in the Latrobe Valley where he lived and practised most of his professional life, he was the co-initiator of the Latrobe Valley Ambulance Service, member of its committee for over 25 years and was President of Victorian Ambulance Services Association (VASA) for 25 years.  In addition, Ric helped establish the Ambulance Officer School at Geelong in 1961.

Ric also established the direction for Ambulance Officer education in that era and remained a member of the Ambulance Officers’ Training College (AOTC) Advisory Committee.  He lectured and examined at the AOTC for many years and influenced advancing the clinical practice of Ambulance Officers and their engagement in the community. In the late 1960s, he was ahead of his time in advocating that Ambulance Officers “should have an education equivalent to that of nurses”, and was a strong supporter of the Institute of Ambulance Officers Association.

Without the leadership of people like Ric, paramedic education and scholarship would not be possible to the standard that it is today in Victoria, Australia.  Given the recent passing of Ric in 2107 and because of his leadership it is now appropriate to name an Honours Scholarship after him. Through the generous support of Ric’s family, the next era of paramedics will be given a great opportunity to continue Ric’s legacy and build strong foundations for the future direction of research in paramedicine.

Ric (Frederic) Bouvier Honours Scholarship


Full scholarship ($9185 AUD) 48 credit points paid for a maximum of one-year full time equivalent only.

Number offered

2 scholarships are available per academic year.

Enrolment mode

Students may enrol full time (1 year) or part time (2 years) for this qualification.


Based on application form, academic achievement, CV and interview.

Eligibility (all conditions must be met)

Entry to this Honours degree will require completion of all requirements for the award of the past degree of Bachelor of Emergency Health (Paramedic) with an average of 70% or higher in at least 24 credit points at third year level. For acceptance into the Honours degree, applications from graduates of the Monash Bachelor of Emergency Health or graduates with paramedic degrees from other universities will need to demonstrate that they have achieved an appropriate academic standard to the above.


You must maintain enrolment in the Bachelor of Emergency Health and Paramedic Practice (Honours) and maintain satisfactory academic performance as determined by DCEHPP.

This will be determined by a brief report from the student's honours supervisor.

Application and other information

Cannot be deferred. Please send an application letter (including a statement on why you want to complete an Honours degree) and CV to

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