Practice-Based Research Network (MonReN)


MonReN is a Practice-Based Research Network (MonReN) providing formal collaborations between clinicians in general practice, consumers, policy makers and academics that are dedicated to working together on relevant research questions to translate new knowledge into practice. This peer-to-peer PBRN supports general practice to engage in research and education to improve health outcomes.

Through these two initiatives, the Department’s Engagement efforts put us at the leading edge of research and practical guidance for the wider practitioner community, advancing the discipline of general medical practice.

Our vision

Our vision is for MonReN to be nationally and internationally recognised as a leading practice based research network engaging in high quality academic endeavour that improves patient health outcomes and advances the discipline of general practice.

Our mission

Improving patient outcomes through partnership with practices in our region.

Our values

  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Equity
  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Communication


MonReN seeks to:

  • Build capacity in general practice
  • Facilitate peer connection and networking
  • Support self-improvement and learning amongst participants
  • Develop a culture of quality improvement in general practice
  • Drive innovation and excellence in general practice research and education

Our approach

We will achieve these outcomes through:

  • Strong and transparent governance processes
  • Meaningful consumer and practitioner engagement
  • Two-way communication with network members
  • Strong partnerships with relevant external stakeholders and consumer groups
  • Supporting practices to deliver high quality general practice education
  • Undertaking research that is relevant to general practice, patients and communities
  • Nurturing practices to engage with both general practice education and research in the long term
  • Supporting practices to develop a culture that values high quality patient care in general practice

MonReN attributes

  • Has stable administrative support
  • Strong focus on data and data linkage
  • Pragmatic
  • Evidence based
  • Sustainable

MonReN Steering Group

  • Prof Danielle Mazza
  • Prof Grant Russell
  • Dr Samantha Chakraborty
  • Dr Chris Barton
  • Dr Jennifer Neil
  • Dr Adnan Alam