Certifying documents

When submitting your online application, please provide academic documentation, including academic transcripts, graduation certificates and grading scales (indicating graduation requirements).If you are applying for a course that has selection and/or extra requirements, please also provide the necessary documentation with your online application.

You will be required to provide original or certified* academic documentation (or other supporting documents) upon request and if you fail to provide them, your enrolment may be cancelled. This may occur during orientation or at any time following commencement of the course.

*Academic documentation from Chinese qualifications must be notarised and then certified – refer below for more information.

This is very important. Monash University reserves the right to refuse documentation on the grounds of incorrect certification and translation.

What is a certified copy?

A certified copy of a document is an unaltered copy of an original document that has been certified as being a true copy by an authorised person. Every page must be certified – not just the first one.

When you ask someone to certify a copy of a document, you need to take both the original document and the copy with you. The certifier needs to compare them to certify they are exactly the same.

What if my documents aren't in English?

If your qualifications are in a language other than English, you must provide certified translated copies. Monash prefers NAATI qualified translators.

Who can certify documents?

Documents submitted within Australia: Solicitor, pharmacist, justice of the peace, public notary, member of the police force, registered medical practitioner (MBBS), registered dentist, veterinary practitioner, principal in the state government teaching service, bank manager, member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, member of the CPA Australia, member of the Institute of Public Accountants, minister of religion (not a civil celebrant) or Australian lawyer

Documents submitted outside Australia: Solicitor, commissioner for declarations, government official, public notary or university staff from your previous university (head of department, dean, registrar or other authorised delegate).

Monash University also accepts documentation verified by Monash staff members or Monash registered agents.

Alternatively, you can ask your current or previous education institution to send copies of your academic transcripts, graduation certificate and grading systems directly to Central Admissions. These must arrive in a sealed envelope sent directly from the institution or emailed by your institution directly to mu.documents@monash.edu. In this case, you don't need to provide certified copies of these documents – but you still may need to provide certified copies of other documents, so check carefully.

Please note that a postal manager or independent/catholic school principal are not authorised to certify documents.

What does the certifier need to do?

An approved certifier must 'sight' (or view) the applicant's original academic transcripts, graduation certificates, grading systems and other documents, and check that the copies are true and unchanged copies of the original documents.

The certifier must then certify every page of the documentation. Each page should include:

  • a statement or a stamp that shows the certifier has seen the original documents. He or she should use words like 'certified true copy of the original' or 'original sighted'
  • the certifier's signature
  • the certifier's full name
  • the certifier's organisation stamp
  • the certifier's position title (unless the certifier is a Monash Registered Agent)
  • the date.

Applicant with Chinese qualifications

For applicants with Chinese qualifications, documents must be certified in one of the following ways:

Certified by the Notary Public Office. Original booklets must be submitted. Notary certification must include a certificate stating that translations of all documents in English are authentic and conform with the Chinese original.


Your academic documentation sent to Central Admissions, Monash University in a sealed envelope directly from your university.


Certified copies of the original notarised documents can be submitted by a Monash Registered Agent. Learn more about applying through an agent.

What about CVs?

If your course requires work experience, you must send us your curriculum vitae, along with translated and certified copies of work reference letters from previous employers. Reference letters should be set out on original company letterhead and state your job title, whether you were full-time or part-time, a precise description of your duties, dates of employment, and the full name, title and signature of the writer.

Where should I mail or email certified documents?

Direct applicants (those who did not apply through a Monash Registered Agents) must send certified documents to:

Central Admissions,
Monash Connect, Clayton Campus
21 Chancellors Walk, Campus Centre
Monash University
VIC 3800, Australia

Monash Registered Agents should forward certified documents by email to: mu.documents@monash.edu.

All documents submitted remain the property of Monash University.