Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile Food Vendors (Food Trucks/Vans) at Monash University

Monash University campuses have a diverse range of on-campus retailers with the capacity to cater for a large range of campus needs. However, from time to time, Event Organisers may wish to use external Mobile Food Vendors. In all instances, Event Organisers are encouraged to first consider whether their requirements can be met by on-campus retailers, prior to bringing any Mobile Vendor onto campus.

1. Mobile Vendors may trade on campus from time to time:

  • Where the retail need cannot be met by on-campus retail options (e.g., retail is shut the day or time of the event, or the event requires a specific cuisine not available on campus).
  • To enhance the activation and vibrancy of a specific events or festival.

2. When a Mobile Vendor does trade on campus, they must not be located in proximity to on-campus retail, which will be ensured by Monash Venues.  See the below campus maps for on-campus retailer locations.

3. Prior to a Mobile Vendor being engaged, the Event Organiser needs to seek approval from Monash Venues by filling out a Venue Booking Request, providing details including day, time, location and name of the vendor. Any Mobile Vendor that hasn’t been approved by Monash Venues will be requested to leave and will be escorted off campus by Security.