Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make a booking?


The best way to get in touch with us is via email at

Requests for changes and new bookings will not be actioned unless made in writing.

Internal Clients Only can make ad hoc venue bookings via the University Venue Booking System, located on the homepage in Venues Quick Links.

Should you need to speak with one of the coordinators, you can contact the office on 9905 3101 during business hours Monday to Friday.


How do I organise a Caterer?

You can use one of the on site University Caterers or you can organise your own Caterer.

If you are organising your own Caterer you must advise MUV if any of the following occur:

  • If you are selling food, a Hot and Cold Food Permit will be required. You will need to contact the Monash City Council directly on   9518 3539 to apply for an Application for Registration of a Temporary Food Premises at least 2 weeks in advance.  The Monash City Council will advise what is required regarding the serving of food and/or beverages for your function.  A copy of your Food Permit must be forwarded to the MUV Office prior to the commencement of your event.

All Caterers must attend a Monash Contractor OHS Induction prior to working on any Monash Campus.

If you are serving alcohol, you must obtain an appropriate Liquor Licence before the event and provide a copy of such Licence to the MUV Office prior to the commencement of your event.  For More Information click here

  • The Hirer must ensure that the Caterer engaged is registered and licensed for the purpose of providing catering services at the event and forward copies of the Caterers Food Handlers Certificate and Liquor Licence to the MUV Office at least 7 days prior to the commencement of your event.

Please Note:
Failure to comply with the above requirements will result in your event being cancelled.


Can I serve alcohol at my event?

If you intend selling alcohol, either directly or indirectly (including via an event cover charge or ticket) a Liquor Licence must be obtained. This is available at Consumer Affairs Victoria

Event Managers must ensure that those responsible for serving alcohol at an event have completed training in Responsible Serving of Alcohol (current certification).  Consumer Affairs Victoria runs courses in RSA.

Monash University recognises its responsibility to practice and promote behaviours that support the Responsible Service of Alcohol and encourage all events to consider the following:

  • Alcohol must not be provided to anyone who is, or appears to be, intoxicated or is under the legal drinking age of eighteen years
  • High quality, non-alcoholic beverages should always be visibly available in adequate variety and supply
  • Low alcohol beverages should be available
  • Drinking water should be provided free of charge
  • Adequate quantities and variety of foods should be made available at functions at which alcohol is served
  • Alcohol should not be served for longer than 30 minutes before food is served

Activities which involve selling and/or serving of alcohol may require a security officer. If a security officer is required, they shall be persons nominated and employed by the University and the costs will be paid for the hirer.  


Do I need security?

Monash University requires security officers to be in attendance for all after hour and weekend events that are considered to be High Risk. When a security officer is required, they shall be persons nominated and employed by the University and the costs will be paid for by the hirer.  Please refer to Clause 12 of the Terms and Conditions.

Security are required to be in attendance at the Venue for the duration of the event, including bump in and until the end of the vacate time of the event.  If alcohol is consumed, multiple security officers must be in attendance.


Do I need Public Liability for my event?

It is requested that all hirers provide a certificate of currency for Public Liability Insurance. A copy of the policy must be provided to our office a minimum of one week prior to your event.  Alternatively this can be arranged by our office.  The cost to be incorporated in the policy for Monash University is $50.00 and will provide $20 million public liability for your function.  Payment can be made through our office via cheque, however the cheque is to be made payable to Monash University.


What are my responsibilities in the event of an Emergency?

Fire and emergency procedures notices and evacuation floor plans are posted throughout university buildings.  Delegates should familiarise themselves with the notices and plans for each building they occupy or visit.  Emergency telephones are widely distributed in public access areas within buildings.  These telephones may be used at any time to report emergencies or get assistance in the event of fire, personal injury, medical condition or other threatening situations.

Monash University Security provide a round-the-clock emergency support service which delegates may use at any time but the University seeks the support of all organisers and delegates in ensuring the emergency telephones and all other items of emergency equipment are used solely for their intended purpose.

In the case of an Emergency and you have contacted either an Ambulance or the Police, MUV ask that you contact Monash University Security on 9905 3059 so they can work together with the emergency services.


Can we use the Monash name and Logo in our Advertising?

Users of University premises or facilities must not couple the name of the University with any promotional sales or advertising without the express permission of the Vice Chancellor in writing, other than naming the venue of the activity.  Please forward any advertising  material to this office, prior to printing.


Can I hire AV equipment from Monash?

Yes you can hire AV Equipment from Monash University and requests must be forwarded at least 2 weeks prior to your event.


Can I use my own AV equipment?

Hirers are able to bring in their own AV.  All electrical equipment brought onto Campus must be Tested and Tagged with a current tag attached.  Please note it is essential to advise the MUV Office as no additional electrical equipment shall be brought into the Venue without prior approval of the University.


Am I able to bring in an External Company to assist me with my set up?

If you are using an external contractor please be aware that there are certain policies and procedures to be adhered to prior to any contractor coming onto Campus.

The Hirer agrees to comply with and observe the following safety procedures:

  • Advise  this office at least 2 weeks prior to your event the NAME and TYPE of Contractor to ensure all relevant documentation and information is forwarded to you.
  • All external contractors must complete an OHS Induction facilitated by Facilities and Services before providing their service.
  • The  Hirer, Contractor or Event Organiser must complete a Job Safety Analysis and Risk Analysis when required by the University.  This must be completed by the Hirer or the Hirer's employees, agents or subcontractors, as appropriate, within a reasonable time before the event. This is to ensure safety on-site at all times.
  • ALL  electrical equipment bought onto Campus must be Tested and Tagged with a  current tag attached

The Venue, as a workplace, is subject to the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 2004. This act places the onus on the University's management to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risks. The Hirer shall at all times ensure that these standards are adhered to and that where necessary consult with the University's Occupational Health and Safety Officer or representative for direction or assistance to ensure that these standards are maintained.

Failure to complete the required forms or not participate in an Induction will result in the  cancellation of your event.


How do I dispose of rubbish? Are there green options?

Monash University recognises its responsibility to practice and promote behaviours that support activities which contribute to environmental sustainability within the local, national and international community. The University is committed to providing sustainable events and activities, and we encourage you to read the attached information (located on our Home Page under Guidelines and Forms) and consider any ways in which you can assist in making your seminar a "Green" Event.


Is there parking available?

Parking restrictions apply all year and infringement notices will be issued to Vehicles parked illegally.  Please observe signs at all times whilst on Campus. 

For further details please refer to the Monash University website at:


How long will my tentative booking be held?

A tentative booking for hiring a Venue shall not be held for more than 14 days unless previously negotiated with the MUV Office.


What is your cancellation policy?

Where written notification of cancellation is received by MUV less than twenty-one (21) days prior to the event the Hirer will incur the full room hire fee if the room/space is not re-booked by MUV.

If the Hirer were to need to change the date of the function, where written notification of this change is received by MUV less than twenty-one (21) days prior to the event the Hirer will incur the full room hire fee if the room/space is not rebooked by MUV, the University would attempt to roll over the event date or change the Venue, subject to availability. If a deposit had already been received it would be transferred to the new date or apply it to the new venue.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

A holding deposit of fifty percent of the venue hire shall be paid by the Hirer within ten working days of the date of the Letter of Offer.

Bookings made within twenty-one (21) days of the date requested require the entire estimated hire charge including any extra expenses as the event requires to be paid no later than seven (7) working days of the date of Letter of Offer.

Hirers are required to pay the balance within twenty-one (21) working days of the Letter of Confirmation or as specifically set out in the Letter of Confirmation.

MUV has the discretion to:

Waive the need for a deposit or call for a higher deposit up to the amount of the estimated hire charges and extra expenses when the booking is made or at any time between the making of the booking and the date of the event.


When do I need to pay for my event and how can I pay?

A valid Tax Invoice will be sent before or after the event, at the University's discretion. Accounts are payable within thirty (30) days of receipt.  All prices are exclusive of GST.  Any dispute regarding an invoice must be notified to the University within seven (7) days of issue of the invoice.

It is the  policy of Monash University that all accounts are settled in full 10 working days after the receipt of the invoice by cheque, corporate credit card or money order.

Future bookings may be refused to any societies, groups or companies who fail to pay outstanding accounts promptly on request.