CATERING is available at all Monash University campuses by a variety of On Campus Caterers.  Alternatively you can organise your own caterer (not applicable to the Monash Conference Centre) or refer to our External Caterers list. You can contact them directly and they will be happy to assist you with your catering requirements. For more information regarding Catering please contact us on 9905 3101.

Or visit the Eat Drink Shop page to discover other great options Monash has on offer.

Our Caterers on Campus

Our Off Campus External Caterers

At Monash we encourage staff and students to make the healthy choice when buying food on campus. To assist please visit the Sustainable Catering page, you can also download the free Food Switch App.

Following a comprehensive review, which included meeting with various faculties and portfolios, Strategic Procurement has identified 15 frequently used caterers across the University.  Everything you need to know about each of the caterers can be found on the Catering How to Buy Guide.

If you are using an external caterer please be aware that there are certain policies and procedures to be adhered to prior to any contractor coming onto Campus.  Please advise the Venues office at least 2 weeks prior to your event the NAME and TYPE of Contractor to ensure all relevant documentation and information is forwarded to you.  All external contractors must complete an OHS and site-specific online contractor induction before providing their service.

Incompleted contractor inductions may result in a cancellation of your event. We are happy to help with the induction process if needed. Contractors are to be made aware that they may require public liability cover to the value of $10 million, please contact our office if you requre further information.

Please note: No food or beverages are to be taken into teaching venues, and the venue must remain clean and tidy at all times, otherwise, a cleaning charge will apply.  All catering equipment and rubbish is to be removed at the conclusion of your event.