Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA)/Drones

Please click here to register your flight - Online RPA/Drone flight proposal eForm

The use of Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA)/Drones by Monash University both on and off campus is increasing dramatically. To ensure that they are operated in a safe manner and operations adhere to the requirements of both safety and civil aviation legislative requirements, Monash University Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) have developed a new procedure, along with appropriate tools and information.

The ‘Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA)/Drone Safety Management Procedure’  has been devised in consultation with the Drone Discovery Platform, detailing the specific safety requirements for all staff, students and contractors conducting RPA activities. RPA/Drone users are required to register all proposed flights via the online RPA/Drone flight proposal eForm and licensed Pilots must conduct operations in accordance with the Monash University General Operating Conditions (GOCs).

Monash OH&S in collaboration with the Drone Discovery Platform will be administering and providing information and support for the registration and safety management of all RPA/Drone flights.

Flight notification and approval

Flights with RPA/Drones weighing less than 2kg (including payloads):

Flights must be registered via the eForm and submitted with the requested flight planning documentation. Flights are then permitted as long as they adhere to the requirements noted in the Monash University GOCs.

Flights with RPA/Drones weighing more than 2kg (including payloads):

Flights must be registered via the eForm and submitted with the requested flight planning documentation.  Flights are permitted after email approval from the "Monash University Chief Remote Pilot" (Anthony Marsh).


All flights completed by contractors must be registered via the online eForm by a current Monash University staff member. Please note that all contractors must adhere to additional requirements outlined in the RPA Safety Management Procedure.




Monash University RPA/Drone Contacts

Should you have any queries or require any additional information related to RPA/Drones, please contact:

Anthony Marsh
Monash University Chief Remote Pilot
Buildings and Property Division
Ph: 0438 435 857