Past projects and research reports

Ausraeli Jews: a profile of Israel-born Australian Jewish residents

Migration from Israel to Australia is a varied migration stream: not all Israel-born regard themselves as Israelis, and Israel-born Jews in Australia do not necessarily regard themselves as part of the Jewish community. This report presents a profile of Israel-born Jews resident in Australia, including their views on selected topics related to identity, emigration, homeland, and religion.

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Australian census analysis

The Australian census is conducted every five years by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.There is, however, a problem with using the census for identification of a religious or ethnic population such as the Jewish.

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Jewish attitudinal surveys (Gen08 and Gen17)

The attitudinal surveys of the Jewish community are designed to collect information on individual experiences, needs and emerging issues and expectations. The results of this survey will help provide vital information to enable informed decision making and better allocation of funds for service provision.

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Australian olim survey findings report

This report, co-authored by David Mittelberg and Adina Bankier-Karp, presents an analysis of data collected as part of the Australian Olim Survey (2018-19). It presents an overview of the lives of the Australian olim before their aliyah, their aliyah experiences and how their lives and attitudes compare to those of Jews currently living in Australia. It also some of the predictors of re-migration to Australia and offers recommendations for communal policy.

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