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Jewish studies equips students with an understanding of Jewish civilisation from ancient times through the present day and fosters intercultural understanding. The required units provide students with a foundational understanding of the Jewish experience in all its diversity, followed by more specialised electives across a diverse range of disciplines and areas of study including:

  • The literature and origins of the Bible
  • Jewish philosophy
  • Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations throughout history
  • Modern Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict
  • Trauma, memory and post-conflict reconciliation
  • The Holocaust
  • Contemporary Jewish culture

Teaching programs

Our degrees provide a practical skill set, common to the humanities, that is transferable to a wide variety of careers. Our students learn how to read critically, conduct research, write with clarity, and make persuasive evidence-based arguments. Whether in government work or the private sector, employers will value the skills that an Arts degree with a minor in Jewish Studies or Holocaust and Genocide Studies provides. In tandem with our undergraduate offerings, we offer opportunities for community engagement through internships and not-for-credit study of Yiddish language and culture.