Jewish attitudinal surveys

About the surveys

In 2008, Gen08, the first comprehensive national survey of Australia’s Jewish population was undertaken. The survey was completed by over 6,200 participants in Australia and New Zealand – a record for surveys undertaken in the Diaspora.

The Gen17 survey, launched in February 2017, replicated the 2008 study, to measure the extent of change that has occurred within the Jewish population.The Gen17 survey was designed to collect information on individual experiences, needs and emerging issues and expectations. The survey explored a broad range of attitudes and experiences, including: education, identity, Jewish continuity, ageing, affordability of Jewish life, anti-Semitism, immigration, disability, welfare, philanthropy, community governance and Israel. The survey will measure the extent of change that has occurred since the previous national survey, Gen08, conducted in 2008.

The Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation at Monash University, in partnership with JCA, the Jewish Communal Appeal Sydney, lead this Australia-wide project. Communities across Australia co-operated on this second comprehensive national survey.

The objective is to establish a better understanding of the views and needs of Jewish Australians, including:

  • the experience of Jewish (and non-Jewish) education
  • the constant and changing elements in Jewish identity
  • issues of greatest priority
  • services provided by communal organizations
  • Jewish leadership
  • challenges faced by Jewish youth and young parents, including the affordability of Jewish schools
  • future expectations.

The results of these surveys will help provide vital information to enable informed decision making and better allocation of funds for service provision. They will provide an informed understanding of change that is occurring in the outlook and priorities of Jewish Australians. They will provide information for better planning, funding and resourcing. It will help understand the specific challenges we face for the future. It is vital research for Jewish continuity.

In addition to the series of reports that will be published, individual organisations can request tailored reports, to provide detailed data to assist their planning.

*The Gen17 survey was anonymous: there are no records that link individuals with completed surveys. The survey was undertaken under terms approved by the Monash University Research Ethics Committee and reports produced from the survey will present statistical findings, with no reference to the responses of individuals.

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