Project 1. Signature pedagogies in creative collaboration: Lessons for and from music


Develop a model of signature pedagogies and environmental supports that foster the 21st century  skills of creativity, innovation, collaboration and cooperation.


Provides a unique focus on pedagogies of expert creative collaborative practice.


Advanced chamber music training environments characterised by:

  • Individual risk in performance; collaborative exchange; individual accountability

Expected outcomes and benefits

  1. Pedagogical model of creative collaboration.
  2. Translational application in industries, professions and higher education.
  3. Ground-breaking innovation in musician career development.

Project  objectives

  1. Identify signature pedagogical strategies that promote and support expert creative collaboration;
  2. Identify environmental affordances and constraints that support and underpin expert creative collaboration;
  3. Develop a pedagogical model of expert creative collaboration that has translational impact beyond music disciplines;
  4. Provide policy makers and educators with new knowledge of pedagogical processes and practices that stimulate expert creative collaboration.

Research approach

Case studies of pedagogy in advanced chamber music collaboration

Participants: Program participants (Past and current); Music Directors; Eminent Musician Coaches; Program Administration.

Methods: Group and individual interviews about:

  • Pedagogical practices and environments that support learning and development;
  • Practices and features that support collaboration in learning, development as creative practitioners;
  • Impacts of collaborative learning and creative development on lives and learning;
  • Prior experience, goals and aspirations;
  • Program’s enduring impacts on knowledge, skills, and work practices in creative collaboration.

In-person and video observations of teaching and learning activities, to capture key pedagogical strategies.

Australian Research Council Discovery project (DP200101943), 2020 – 2023