Dr Katie Zhukov

Katie Zhukov

Prior to working at Monash, Katie Zhukov was a Research Fellow at the University of Queensland School of Music for 11 years, where she developed evidence-based pedagogical approaches for enhancing music sight-reading skills. Her publications demonstrate a strong record of interdisciplinary approach across music education, psychology and science, and include topics such as eye movement during music sight-reading, performance anxiety, skills for classical music careers, innovative approaches to teaching of music sight-reading, and teaching and learning in the studio setting, including gender issues. Zhukov has published 21 journal articles in high impact international journals such as Journal of Eye Movement Research, Music & Science, Musicae Scientiae, Psychology of Music, Medical Problems of Performing Artists, International Journal of Music Education, British Journal of Music Education, Music Education Research, Research Studies in Music Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Australian Journal of Music Education, and also seven book chapters.