Artificial Intelligence in Health

The algorithm will see you now: ethical, legal and social implications of adopting machine learning systems for diagnosis and screening

Funding agency

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Project period

2020 – 2023

Chief Investigators

Stacy Carter, Nehmat Houssami, Christopher Degeling, Bernadette Richards, Annette Braunack-Mayer, Wendy Rogers, Lei Wang, Khin Win and Maame Esi Woode

Associate Investigators

Christopher Semsarian, Enrico Coeira, Gang Chen, Helen Frazer

CHE Research Fellow

Udeni De Silva Perera

Affiliated PhD Student

Vinh Vo


This project focuses on machine learning--a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI)--which can now diagnose and screen for conditions including breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. Our multi-disciplinary team will systematically examine how AI is changing healthcare, and the values of data scientists, health professionals and the public. Drawing on ethics, social sciences and the law, we will develop a new approach to guide future use of machine learning for diagnosis and screening.