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Why do a PhD with CHE?

The Centre for Health Economics is one of the world’s leading research groups in the economic analysis of health and health care. We have the highest concentration of economists working in health in the Asia-Pacific region and the largest Health Economics PhD program in Australia, reflecting the reputation of our researchers and the quality of their mentorship.

We are internationally recognised as being at the forefront of health economics research. We have made, and continue to make, significant contributions to current social issues and public policy, and we provide advice to government and other agencies on decision in public insurance coverage of pharmaceuticals, mental health, obesity policy, patient choices and preferences for treatment and prevention of illness.

The Centre offers a high quality seminar series and a flow of international visitors throughout the year, which provide opportunities for interaction and engagement in thought-provoking discussions. The Centre has strong national and international collaborations and close relationships with the Departments of Economics and Econometrics and Business Statistics here at Monash University.

Our overriding goal is to undertake and promote high quality health economics research and teaching activities, with both a national and international focus.

We have a vibrant and supportive research culture, which includes: