Seminars and workshops

Seminar series

As part of our vibrant research culture, we host a seminar series held weekly. Our research staff, together with visiting and invited researchers, report on methodological issues and results of current research in the health sector. We encourage discussion and debate. Visitors are welcome.

Unfortunately, from 16 March 2020 in response to travel restrictions and other precautionary measures related to COVID-19, CHE Seminars will be cancelled, postponed or delivered by Webinar (where possible) until further notice. We hope to be back up and running in the near future.

Seminars are held on Wednesdays, 12.00pm-1.00pm (unless Webinar or otherwise stated below) at the Monash Business School, Seminar Room H.921 Building H, Caulfield campus.

Date Seminar titlePresenter
Wed 29 January
12 noon AEST
Who makes fertility decisions? Some lessons from changes in family laws in the US, New Zealand and EuropeDr Shoshana Grossbard
San Diego State University 
Wed 12 February
12 noon AEST
The effect of sports facility construction projects on infant healthAssoc Prof Jane Ruseski 
West Virginia University
Wed 4 March
12 noon AEST
The long-run impacts of welfare bans on immigrantsDr Anna Zhu
RMIT University 
Wed 25 March
12 noon AEST
** Webinar **
Showcasing the Burnet Institute cohort studies of injecting drug use and methamphetamine smoking in Victoria
Prof Paul Dietze
Burnet Institute 
Wed 8 April
5pm AEST
** Webinar **
Human capital consequences of missing out on a grammar school education
Prof Andrew Jones
University of York + Monash University
Chiara Pastore
University of York 
Wed 15 April
9am AEST 
** Webinar **
Office visits preventing Emergency Room visits: Evidence from the Flint water switch
Dr Daniel Grossman
West Virginia University        
Mon 27 April
** Webinar **
Lifelong effects of in-utero stress on labour market outcomes
Prof Maarten Lindeboom
VU Amsterdam + Monash University 
Wed 29 April** TBC **Assoc Prof Ateev Mehrotra
Harvard Medical School 
Mon 11 May
12 noon AEST
** Webinar **
Naïveté and sophistication about self-control: Empirical evidence 
Dr Sarah Dahmann
University of Sydney
Wed 13 May ** TBC **Dr Ben Beck
Monash University 
Wed 20 May** TBC **Dr Jade Bilardi
Monash University 
Wed 27 May** TBC **Assoc Prof Marc Chan
University of Melbourne 
Wed 3 June ** TBC **Prof Adeline Delavande

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