Exam performance and feedback

Taking the time to reflect on your exam performance can make a huge difference to how you approach future assessment. This process of self‐assessment can enable you to evaluate your own work, and to identify the areas in which you may need to improve. Feedback on your performance in exams is provided in three stages at Monash Business School:

  • Stage 1
    Exam Summary Feedback - available on your Moodle site once official results are released.
  • Stage 2
    View your exam script - apply to view your examination script for more detailed feedback
  • Stage 3
    If - after completing the first two stages (viewed the exam summary feedback and your exam script) - you’d still like to know more about your performance, you may submit a written request for further feedback from your Chief Examiner

Want to know more about it? Read the full Examination Feedback Procedure for Monash Business School.

Semester 2, 2019 exam script viewing (Australian Campuses only)

You may be aware of Australian government actions to restrict travel to and from China, which is intended to restrict the transmission of the novel coronavirus within Australia. You may also be aware that Monash University has made the decision to delay commencement of classes for Semester one, 2020 until 9 March (online classes only) and 16 March for on campus classes. This decision by the University is aimed at ensuring all students can commence their semester 1 studies at the same time, without any undue impact on their ability to attend classes and other introductory and social events normally held early in semester.

The health and safety of our communities is of paramount concern for Monash University. The University is continuing to monitor the situation, including the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO), US Center for Disease Control and the Australian Government’s Health Department, including states and territories.

A number of events and programs – including exam viewing - are now being rescheduled in accordance with information provided on the University Novel Coronavirus Fact Sheet

Monash Business School exam viewing has now been postponed.

We will advise students  - who have already applied for exam viewing - of the new exam viewing dates and locations, via the Monash email once the new schedule is available.

Any queries please contact us via Monash Connect.

Attending an Examination Viewing session

  • Exam viewing is solely for the purpose of reviewing your exam performance
  • You must show your student ID card to enter
  • Only the students viewing their transcript will be allowed in the viewing session
  • You can only view your own exam
  • Your viewing will be supervised
  • You can’t photocopy, mark or alter the transcript in any way
  • Supervising staff can’t discuss your exam or marks with you
  • You can’t have any pens, pencils, mobile phones (or similar digital devices) on your person during the exam viewing - which also means you are not allowed to take notes during the session
  • The only permitted calculator is the HP10bll+ or the Casio FX82 (any suffix)
  • You may be denied access to your transcript if the final exam was short answer or multiple choice questions
  • Exam transcripts are usually destroyed six months after the unit results are released

Looking for more feedback?

After reading the exam summary feedback - and after viewing your exam - you will be able to submit a request to the Chief Examiner for further feedback. Your request should include an explanation of the reason you are seeking further feedback - such as a chance to understand how you could have expanded a response.

Applications for individual feedback open after the exam viewing sessions and close 10 working days later.

It's important to note that where your request is assessed as non-specific or lacking in substance, the Chief Examiner (or nominee) may refer you back the exam summary feedback - provided on Moodle following the release of results.

NOTE: You need to be logged into your Monash University student account to access the form.