Through our exchange program you can start your degree in Australia, then continue your studies for one or two semesters at one of our 150+ prestigious university partners around the world. During your time abroad, you will only pay tuition to Monash University for your units. The credits you earn abroad are then transferred and applied to your Monash degree so that your course duration is not extended.

You can also undertake an exchange to Monash University Malaysia campus as part of the Global Intercampus Program (GIP).

Featured partner

Monash Warwick Alliance

With so many destinations to choose from, we would like to highlight one of our key partners.

The University of Warwick offers a strong match in curriculum, simplifying your study planning and creating a more streamlined experience.

A higher level of travel grant is available for exchange to our strategic partners; University of Warwick, University of Padua and Monash University Malaysia.

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