Internal coursework transfers business process

Purpose and Scope

This business process specifies the minimum eligibility requirements for current students seeking to transfer into faculty managed courses, the availability of places, and the timing of offers to eligible applicants. This process is applicable for Faculty coursework programs only.

1. Minimum eligibility requirements

1.1 In order to be eligible for consideration for course transfer, students must:

  • have completed a minimum of 12 credit points in their current Monash course, and have made application prior to commencement of their final 24 credit points of study;
  • have met any published prerequisite subjects (or equivalent), or any other course specific requirements for admission (e.g. work experience);
  • have achieved the minimum WAM as specified by the Faculty for the transfer period.

1.2 The minimum WAM required in order to be considered for internal transfer will be published on the Faculty Current Students website prior to the application period for internal course transfer.

1.3 Internal transfer is part of a competitive selection process and the actual WAM required for an offer to be made for admission to the course on the basis of internal transfer may

be higher than the published minimum.

1.4 The Faculty may consider applicants for internal transfer with a WAM below the published minimum where exceptional circumstances exist. Level of achievement and academic performance at the point of admission to the current course will be considered, however students must also have met any pre-requisite requirements of the destination course. Approval is subject to available places, and requires endorsement of the relevant Course Director. Partner faculties will be consulted where applicable for double degrees.

2. Availability of places and timing of offers

2.1 Approval for course transfer is subject to the availability of places in a course, including

any restrictions on Commonwealth supported and fee paying places.

2.2 Internal transfer is normally only available for students intending to commence their new

course in semester 1 or semester 2.

2.3 Students may be confirmed as eligible for an offer for transfer prior to release of results if they have otherwise met the minimum requirements for transfer at the point of application.

Endorsed: FEC 10/2021

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