Staff directory

Executive staff

Professor Michael Ward
Head, Economics

Professor Philip Grossman
Deputy Head, Economics

Academic staff

NameRole(s)Campus Research Interests
ABBINK, Klaus Professor Clayton Microeconomics Theory, Behavioural/Experimental, Development Economics, Law and Economics, Political Economy, Public Economics
ANGUS, Simon Associate Professor Clayton Mathematical and Quantitative Methods, Other General
BAJAJ, Ayushi Lecturer Caulfield Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy and Game Theory
BANERJEE, Dyuti Senior Lecturer Clayton Industrial Organisation, Labour Economics, Microeconomics
BHATTACHARYA, Mita Senior Lecturer Caulfield Industrial Organisation, Applied Micro, International Trade, Energy Economics
BOOTH, Ross Senior Lecturer
Course Director, B.Com and B.Ec
Clayton Applied Micro, Sports Economics
CAGGIANO, Giovanni Associate Professor Caulfield Macroeconomics and Applied Time Series Econometrics
CAMPBELL, Arthur Associate Professor Caulfield Industrial Organisation, Organisational Economics, Economic Theory, Energy Economics
CHEN, Zhijun Associate Professor Clayton Industrial Organisation, Competition Policy and Applied Microeconomics
CHENG, Wenli Senior Lecturer Clayton       Applied Micro, International/Trade
CHOE, Chongwoo Professor Clayton Microeconomics Theory, Applied Micro, Industrial organisation, Development Economics, Political Economy
CHOI, Horag Associate Professor Caulfield International/Trade, Macroeconomics
DATT, Gaurav Associate Professor Clayton Development Economics, Labour Economics
DU, Qingyuan Senior Lecturer Caulfield International/Trade, Macroeconomics, Development Economics
DZHUMASHEV, Ratbek Senior Lecturer Clayton Economic Growth, Development Economics, Macroeconomics
FAN, Xiaodong Lecturer Clayton Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Computational Economics, Macroeconomics
FELTOVICH, Nick Professor Clayton Behavioural/Experimental, Public Economics, Bargaining Theory, Political Economy
FROST, Lionel Associate Professor
Head of Monash Business School, Peninsula campus
Peninsula Economic History, Housing, Urban Economics, Applied Micro, Sports Economics
GANGADHARAN, Lata Professor
Joe Isaac Chair
Clayton Behavioural/Experimental, Environmental and Resource Economics, Development Economics
GEERLING, WayneSenior LecturerClaytonEconomics Education; Economic History; Globalisation; Sports Economics
GROSS, IsaacLecturerCaulfieldMacroeconomics
GROSSMAN, Philip Professor
Deputy Head, Economics
Clayton Behavioural/Experimental, Applied Micro, Public Economics
HARRIS, Edwyna Senior Lecturer Clayton Environmental and Resource Economics, Economic History
ISLAM, Asad Associate Professor Caulfield Development Economics, Labour Economics, Health Economics
JAYASURIYA, Sisira Professor Caulfield Development Economics, International/ Trade, Environmental and Resource Economics
KAZAKEVITCH, Gennadi Senior Lecturer Clayton Applied Micro
KHALIL, Elias Associate Professor Clayton Behavioural/Experimental, Political Economy
LABANCA, Claudio Lecturer Clayton Labor Economics, Public Economics, Economics of Migration
LABRECCIOSA, Paola Associate Professor Clayton Microeconomic Theory, Applied Game Theory, Industrial Organisation, Public Economics, Operational Research
LAFRANCE, Jeff Professor Clayton Microeconomic Theory, Mathematical and Quantitative Methods, Environmental and Resource Economics
LANE, Nathaniel Lecturer Caulfield Economic Development, Political Economy, Economic History and Growth. 
LEIBBRANDT, Andreas Professor Clayton Microeconomics Theory, Behavioural/Experimental, Political Economy
LEISTER, Matthew Lecturer Caulfield Microeconomic Theory, Finance, Social and Economic Networks
LEROUX, Anke Senior Lecturer Caulfield Environmental and Resource Economics
LESLIE, GordonLecturerCaulfieldIndustrial Organisation, Energy Economics
LIST, John Distinguished Professor Clayton Behavioral Economics and Experimental Economics
MADSEN, Jakob Professor
Xiaokei Yang 
Caulfield Macroeconomics, Economic History, Economic Growth, Development Economics
MAGEE, Gary Professor,
Deputy Dean (Research)
Caulfield Economic History
MAITRA, Pushkar Professor Clayton Development Economics, Field Experiments, Political Economy
MISHRA, Vinod Associate Professor Clayton Applied Micro, Industrial Organisation, Law and Economics, Macroeconomics, Environmental and Resource Economics
MOSLEHI, Solmaz Senior Lecturer Caulfield Macroeconomics (Public Economics, Political Economics, Growth, Family Economics)
MUI, Vai-Lam Associate Professor Clayton Microeconomics Theory, Behavioural/Experimental, Political Economy
PARASNIS, Jaai Senior Lecturer Clayton Labour Economics, Applied Micro
PUZZELLO, Laura Senior Lecturer Caulfield International/Trade, Health Economics
RAI, Birendra Senior Lecturer Clayton Microeconomic Theory, Behavioural/Experimental
RASCHKY, Paul Associate Professor Caulfield Political Economy, Environmental and Resource Economics
RATAN, Anmol Lecturer Clayton Microeconomic Theory, Behavioural/Experimental
RAY, Ranjan Professor Clayton Development Economics, Public Economics and Health Economics
RENDALL, Michelle Senior Lecturer Caulfield Macroeconomics (Family, Labour, Human Capital, Inequality and Growth)
RIVERS, George Education Focused Senior Lecturer,
Associate Dean for Research Collaboration
Caulfield Applied Micro, Economics Education
SANTOS, Paulo Senior Lecturer Caulfield Development Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics
SETHI, Anupama Scholarly Teaching Fellow Clayton Economic Education and Development Economics
SHI, He-Ling Education Focused Associate Professor Caulfield Economic Growth, Industrial Organisation, Economics Education
SIMON, Leo Professor Clayton Political Economy, Game Theory, Simulation Modeling
SMYTH, Russell Professor, Deputy Dean (Academic Resources) Caulfield Development Economics, Labour Economics, Law & Economics
TOMBAZOS, Christis Associate Professor Clayton International Economics, Political Economy, Bargaining Experiments
WANG, Chengsi Lecturer Clayton Applied Theory (IO, search, organisation) and Competition Policy
WANG, Liang Choon Senior Lecturer Clayton Applied Micro, Development Economics, Labour Economics, Public Economics
WARD, Michael Professor
Head, Economics
Clayton Environmental and Resource Economics
XIAO, Erte Associate Professor Clayton Behavioural/Experimental, Applied Micro
YEW, Siew Ling Senior Lecturer Caulfield Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Economic Growth and Development, Population Economics
ZENOU, Yves Professor
Richard Snape Chair
Caulfield Social interactions and network theory, urban economics, segregation and discrimination of ethnic minorities, criminality and education

Adjunct and honorary staff

NameRole(s) Research Interests
BRENT, Daniel AAssistant Professor Applied Microeconmics, Environmental Economics, Water Resources Economis, Transportation, and Behavioral and Experimental Economics
BRISCESE, GuglielmoAdjunct Research FellowEmployment, Economic Growth, and Charitable Giving among other area
DIMASI, Joe Professorial Fellow Regulation
FORSYTH, Peter Adjunct Professor These centre around Applied Microeconomics, including transport (especially the economics of aviation), Public Enterprises, Regulation, and Privatisation, and the Economics of Tourism.  Another major interest is the impact of Microeconomic Policy on Macroeconomic Performance, such as growth and competitiveness
KING, Stephen PProfessor Competition Economics, Regulation and Industrial Organisation
MADDOCK, Rodney Adjunct Professor Australian economics, Banking and Finance Regulation
MANGIN, Sephorah J Adjunct Senior Lecturer Macroeconomics, Search Theory, Labor, and Economic Growth.
MEYER, Stefan Adjunct Research Associate Agricultural and Environmental Economics
NG, Yew-Kwang Emeritus Professor Welfare Economics (including social choice, public policy, environmental issues), Microeconomics, Microeconomic Foundation of Macroeconomics, Inframarginal Analysis of Specialization, Contemporary Chinese/Singaporean Economic Problems; Proper Limits of Markets
OSWALD, Andrew Monash Warwick Adjunct Professor Applied Economics and Quantitative Social Science
SINCLAIR, William Emeritus Professor Economic History
TREISMAN, DavidAdjunct LecturerEmerging Financial Markets, Economic Regionalism, Empirical Asset Pricing, Financial Economics, International Finance, Risk Management, Political Economy and the Interactions Between Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy

Professional staff

BALL, Sue Department Manager  Clayton, Building 11, Room E971 9905 2480
RUPANAGUDI, Harshita Executive Assistant Clayton, Building 11, Room E967 9905 2382
KOUSOURAKIS, Angela Administrative Officer Caulfield, Building H, Room H4.48 9903 1031

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