Research expertise

Researchers from the Department of Economics at Monash University are among the top of their field in a range of economic areas. We have a concentration of researchers in the following research areas:

  • Applied Micro & Data Analytics
  • Behavioural, Experimental  and Theory
  • Development, Growth and Economic History
  • Energy, Environment and Resource Economics
  • Macro, International and Finance
  • Micro, Theory, IO and Network
  • Political Economy and Public Economics.

Research resources and facilities

We provide our staff with a range of research resources and state-of-the-art facilities. These include databases and journal subscriptions, as well as laboratory facilities.

  • Monash Business Behavioural Laboratory (MBBL)
    The Behavioural Lab is spearheading the development of decision-making research, conducted by our staff and research students. It also serves as an innovative facility for consumer and practitioner research.
  • Monash Laboratory for Experimental Economics (MonLEE)
    Given our research strength in the area of behavioural and experimental economics, the department operates MonLEE in order to study the actions and behaviour of individuals under various conditions. MonLEE outputs have been the basis of published research for a range of projects.

Research collaborations

The most pressing and complicated issues our world faces are multi-faceted and cannot be addressed in isolation. Monash economics is committed to collaborating with researchers from other departments and centres within the Monash Business School, as well as those from other Monash Faculties and International institutions. By encouraging and taking this multidisciplinary approach, we are able to tackle complex research questions in a comprehensive manner.

To learn more about the collaborative efforts between the Department of Economics and the following units, please visit the links below: