Future Grid Homes

The Future Grid Homes project was funded by Energy Consumers Australia and involved qualitative research with energy sector professionals and Australian households who had experience with demand management and/or new energy technologies (e.g. solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicles). The aim of the project was to identify best practice engagement strategies, concepts and relationship models to help the energy sector deliver a reliable, affordable and sustainable future electricity system.

Researchers: Yolande Strengers (Monash), Larissa Nicholls (Monash), Andrew Glover, Paula Arcari (RMIT)

Changes in energy generation, supply and demand provide opportunities for (and sometimes require) greater participation from energy consumers to interact with electricity products, providers, services and technologies. However, best practice models are yet to be established for this new operating environment.

“Through household and industry research, we have identified how best to engage households towards coming changes in the energy market and electricity sector. There’s no one best way, but rather a variety of different pathways which our research has highlighted.” Associate Professor Yolande Strengers, Emerging Technologies Research Lab, Monash University

Stage 1: Household Research

Over 50 households in NSW, ACT, VIC, SA and Qld were interviewed about their experiences with new energy technologies, demand management, and electricity supply. Thank you to all those who participated.

The Stage 1 Household Research Report is available here.

Stage 2: Interviews with Industry Stakeholders


Stage 3: Development of a household engagement strategy

The report 'Engaging Households towards the Future Grid: An Engagement Strategy for the Electricity Sector' is available here.

Read the report 'Engaging households towards the future grid'