Social justice and community engagement have always been central to Monash University, and the University is committed to encouraging staff to make a direct practical difference to the world we live in.

Workplace volunteering complements this commitment by providing an opportunity for Monash staff to gain an understanding of how Non-Government Organisations and/or Not-For-Profit organisations make a difference in the world, and to provide these organisations with unpaid assistance across a range of diverse activities.

The University is willing to release staff at the University's expense by encouraging them to volunteer in activities that occur during their regular working hours and that support the learning and research vision of the University.

Paid leave for volunteers

In recognition of our commitment to community wellbeing and engagement, all fixed-term and continuing staff at Monash University's Australian campuses are entitled to two days special paid leave per calendar year to engage in workplace volunteering activities that satisfy the criteria.

To apply for volunteer leave complete an Application for Leave and Special Leave form for special paid leave and:

  • identify the special leave as volunteer leave
  • include written confirmation from the organisation that you will be engaging as a volunteer with details of the nature of the volunteer work.

For full details of Monash's volunteering leave for staff please see the Workplace Volunteering Procedure.

Pre-Volunteering Module

Before you begin volunteering through a Monash program, whether it is on campus or in the local community, you will need to complete the new pre-volunteering module.

This short module has been designed to ensure that you are familiar with your rights and responsibilities as a volunteer. You will also learn how to be an effective volunteer who can make real and lasting change in your community.

View the module