The solutions to the biggest challenges of our time won’t come from just one subject or discipline. This is why RED asks you to collaborate in teams with people from across Monash to build your capacity to lead and activate change.

You’ll be invited to explore a research project in an interdisciplinary team composed of other students from across the University, that aligns with at least one of the three overarching themes below.

In collaboration with your peers, guiding staff and Monash researchers - you’ll then address the challenge of how we might translate research into practice to create meaningful change.

The challenges of the age

Climate changes now being generated and experienced threaten the fabric of our planet, the quality of air, water and biodiversity that sustains us.

Explore how to:

  • Understand new or emerging knowledge on how climate change operates, solutions to its impacts, and how this translates into action.
  • Access knowledge previously ignored or marginalised, as can be found in Indigenous knowledge and practices, such as those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in Australia.
  • Develop new technologies, skills and capabilities, and changes to behaviours and social and cultural patterns.
  • Modify behavioural and social patterns.

Image Attribution: Net Zero Precincts

Image Attribution: CDC Victoria

Image Attribution: Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments

Image Attribution: Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future

Disruption is occurring to established institutional orders across and within nations.

Explore how to:

  • Unpack the complexity of international and national relations, from the role of alliances to the regulation of borders.
  • Develop paths to peace and reconciliation of past wrongs and conflicts.
  • Recognise the gendered nature of violence and its particular impacts related to race, ethnicity or religion, from new forms of digital surveillance and information to the insecurity within nations.

Image Attribution: ARC Centre for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Image Attribution: HyperSext City, Fremantle Design Week (2022) and Tin Sheds Gallery Sydney (2021), by Monash XYX Lab. Photograph: Brett Brown

Thriving communities hold the promise of the ‘good life’ we seek. This is the challenge of how we live well, and how we live well together.

Explore how to:

  • Address medical and social issues, at a scale that has not previously been experienced.
  • Prevent or manage both communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  • Build cohesive and tolerant societies, and address global disruptions and inequalities.
  • Better understand First Nations sovereignty, address the history and ongoing impact of colonisation, displacement and deprivation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Image Attribution: Monash mRNA. Team member: Dr Harry Al-Wassiti

The Victorian Heart Hospital: a partnership between Monash University, Monash Health and the Victorian Government

Image Attribution: Shanti Sumartojo, Emerging Technologies Research Lab

Image Attribution: Wunungu Awara

Image Attribution: Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME)