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We depend on a partnership with quality examiners like you so we are able to maintain our standards of research excellence.

To assist you with assessing a thesis, we have developed the below guidelines explaining our assessment requirements. Our governing Thesis Examination Policy and Procedures are available if you would like further information.

Your assessment and recommendation

Students have two thesis format options they can choose to submit in:

  • Traditional thesis: A similar format to research reports and papers where the research question is proposed, methodology is described and the results are discussed and conclusions established.
  • Thesis Including published works: Overall format is the same as a traditional thesis. The thesis may consist either wholly or including papers that have been published, are in press or submitted for publication. Theses in this format should still demonstrate a sustained theme, and should include clear statements on the student’s contribution to any co-authored work.

It is expected that:

  1. Doctoral theses do not exceed 80,000 words. (100,000 words for students enrolled prior to 1 January 2015.)
  2. Master theses do not exceed 35,000 words. (50,000 words for students enrolled prior to 1 January 2015.)

The examination of the thesis is undertaken by two independent and external examiners. Doctoral examiners have eight weeks to complete thesis assessment. Research masters' examiners have six weeks. The thesis is forwarded to an examiner in confidence.  An examiner must maintain confidentiality and the thesis or any part of the examination process should not be discussed with a third party without the prior approval of the Monash Graduate Research Office.

Examiners are required to provide a written report (in English unless previously arranged) on specific aspects of the thesis and an overall recommendation. To satisfy the requirements of the degree, the thesis must be a significant contribution to knowledge and understanding of the field concerned

It is the practice at Monash to release the names of examiners who have agreed to examine the thesis to the student, however, Students and supervisors are not permitted to contact examiners directly while under examination, unless requested by Monash Graduate Research Office.

Following the review of the thesis examiners are required to provide an overall recommendation along with an explanation as to why the nominated recommendation was provided. Recommendations are as follows:

Pass (degrees require an overall grade where appropriate)

  • Pass, the student be awarded the degree without further amendments or examination
  • Pass with minor amendments, the award of degree is subject to insertion of minor amendments noted in the enclosed list of amendments to the satisfaction of Monash. (eg: typos, grammatical errors or referencing)
  • Pass with major revisions, the award of degree is subject to insertion of amendments noted in the enclosed list. The amendments should be certified by the examiner or Monash academic delegate

Revise and re-examination will require the student to re-enrol for a period of up to 12 months. The revised thesis will be considered a new thesis. Revisions could range from extensive reformatting to conducting further research, analysis and clarification or re-analysis of results.

Fail should only be made when the examiner has determined that the student should not be awarded the degree and not be permitted to resubmit for re-examination.

The recommendation will be considered in combination with the recommendation of the other examiner/s. Final student outcomes are finalised according to the Examination Outcome Matrix.

Thesis Merit

Thesis merit is supplementary to the formal assessment of doctoral degrees and provides Monash with a metric on the quality of theses produced across the university.

When an examiners outcome has been reached, the report and recommendations are submitted online using the link provided in the dispatch email sent from the Monash Thesis Examinations team. If an examiner is unable to meet the assessment timeframe it is important that this is communicated to the Monash Thesis Examinations team.

Once all reports and comments have been received, unedited copies (including the examiners identity) will be forwarded to the student, their supervisors and the Monash Chair of Examiners. Examiners will be notified of the student’s final outcome once available.

Monash provides eligible examiners with an honorarium, in line with amounts specified by Universities Australia. When you submit your report and recommendation, you will also be prompted to provide your payment details.

If you are an Australian examiner, you may wish to also complete the Tax File Number declaration, to avoid being taxed at a higher bracket.  Overseas examiners are paid directly into the specified account. It is important that the information you provide is accurate e.g. your full name and date of birth, as there may be a mismatch with your superannuation record if these details are incorrect.

Once all reports and comments have been received, unedited copies (including your identity) will be forwarded to the student, their supervisor and the Monash Chair of Examiners. You will be notified of the student’s final outcome once available.

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