Thesis including Published Works* : Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture Guidelines

No. of papers/ exhibitions  A minimum of three (3) publications. Status of papers   Publications should be accepted for publication (or equivalent for artworks, eg. exhibited, manufactured).
Other Publications in the visual arts could include a diverse range of visual formats, including video, animation, film, installation, performance, as well as the more conventional art forms.


The reference to publications also includes creative works published in exhibition or related formats, the usual art and design publication mode. Work presented for examination in the standard PhD (visual arts) includes the exhibition and supporting documentation which comments upon the visual work and seeks to explain its contribution to human cultural endeavour and knowledge. A thesis containing publications in the art and design mode must also comment on and contextualise the work in addition to the requirements outlined under Framing papers in the Generic Guidelines.

* Previously referred to as "Thesis by Publication"