Training and development

A quality supervision experience is supported at Monash University through targeted delivery of training and professional development

Required Training for Accreditation & Registration

All Monash staff wishing to supervise Monash graduate research students are required to complete training to ensure currency in knowledge of the policies, processes, expectations and support mechanisms applicable to graduate research.

All training must be completed within 18 months of application for accreditation or renewal of accreditation to ensure currency of knowledge.

The required training for each supervision category is set out below.

Complete the Graduate Research Supervision: Registration module to become registered.

Renewal of accreditation applications requires the completion of

Access the online external module to support you in your role (coming soon)

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Professional Development Program

Good practice workshops, masterclasses and online training modules are available to provide ongoing professional development of graduate research supervisors. All supervisors with current supervisions are expected to engage in ongoing professional development to support them in their role.

Coming Soon!

Epiguem (UK-based company specialising in graduate research education) have redeveloped their suite of online modules for Graduate Research Supervision.
We are working with Epiguem to have them available to all our supervisors late March/ early April.

GRS: Supervising Doctoral Studies (ONLINE)
GRS: Attracting and selecting doctoral applicants (ONLINE)
GRS: Setting your candidate on the right course (ONLINE)
GRS: Continuing your supervisory development (ONLINE)
GRS: Issues in supervision (ONLINE)
GRS: Expectations and preparing for examination (ONLINE)

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