Training and development

A quality supervision experience is supported at Monash University through targeted delivery of training and professional development

Required Training for Accreditation & Registration

All Monash staff wishing to supervise Monash graduate research students are required to complete training to ensure currency in knowledge of the policies, processes, expectations and support mechanisms applicable to graduate research.

All training must be completed within 18 months of application for accreditation or renewal of accreditation to ensure currency of knowledge.

The required training for each supervision category is set out below.

Complete the Graduate Research Supervision: Registration module to become registered.

Renewal of accreditation applications requires the completion of

Access the online external module to support you in your role (coming soon)

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Professional Development Program

Good practice workshops, masterclasses and online training modules are available to provide ongoing professional development of graduate research supervisors. All supervisors with current supervisions are expected to engage in ongoing professional development to support them in their role.

Workshops and masterclasses are facilitated by senior academics and professional staff who generously share their knowledge and experience of a range of supervision related topics supported by case studies.

Register for any of our workshops by selecting from the list below.

GRS: Good Practice Workshop: Milestone Review Panels

GRS: Masterclass - Collaborative Research - Assigning IP and Copyright Issues

GRS: Masterclass - Does culture matter? Supervising HDR students across cultures

Epigeum, in collaboration with expert advisors, authors, reviewers and partner institutions, including Monash University have launched the second edition of Supervising Doctoral Studies.  The modules offer comprehensive, flexible and engaging training in the core principles and practices of doctoral supervision to equip both new and more experienced supervisors to support doctoral candidates’ development into independent researchers.

The modules provide guidance in the most effective and up-to-date supervisory techniques, using video interviews, case studies, and thought-provoking scenarios and activities to highlight best practice and to encourage supervisors to reflect on their own approach.  The modules cover supervisors’ core responsibilities in supporting candidates’ research, their development as researchers, and establishing effective supervisory relationships. This edition also addresses new and emerging developments in the field ensuring that supervisors maintain a current knowledge of the continually-changing context in which they work, and are able to navigate both academic and non-academic responsibilities with confidence.

To access any of the online modules listed below, click on the activity title. You will be directed to myDevelopment to ‘request’ the training. Once requested, modules will remain in the Active tab of your Training Record until completed. You may access this module at any time from the Active tab and your progress will be recorded within the system.

Diagnostic Tool:

Before accessing the 10 training modules, we highly recommend supervisors complete the diagnostic tool. Based around your response to scenarios you may encounter as a doctoral supervisor, it will recommend which of the 10 modules would be most helpful for your professional development.


  1. GRS: Supervising Doctoral Studies: Introduction: The Doctoral Context.
  2. GRS: Supervising Doctoral Studies: Attracting and selecting doctoral applicants
  3. GRS: Supervising Doctoral Studies: Research cultures and environments
  4. GRS: Supervising Doctoral Studies: Managing expectations, responsibilities and relationships
  5. GRS: Supervising Doctoral Studies: Planning and conducting research
  6. GRS: Supervising Doctoral Studies: Developing the researcher and enabling progress
  7. GRS: Supervising Doctoral Studies: Doctoral writing and effective feedback
  8. GRS: Supervising Doctoral Studies: Supporting your candidate
  9. GRS: Supervising Doctoral Studies: Preparing for completion and examination
  10. GRS: Supervising Doctoral Studies: Developing your supervisory practice

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