Dr Peter McKeown

Photo of Peter Keown

Senior Fellow, Monash University

Peter McKeown is principal of his own legal practice. He has over 35 years of providing legal services in private, government and corporate practice.

Over the last 20 years he has specialised in providing corporations and governance advice particularly in the international environment in agribusinesses.

Peter has also had extensive experience as an executive director of many local and international corporations. Peter is a former non-executive director of City West Water Limited and a former member of a number of their Committees.

He has a Bachelor of Economics, a Bachelor of Laws, a Graduate Diploma in Law, and a Doctor of Juridical Science, all from Monash University. His thesis for his doctorate considered directors' duties in an international context.

He is Company Secretary of a number of Australian corporations, a lay member of the St Vincent's Hospital Animal Ethics Committee and the external legal member of a University Human Research Ethics Committee.