Master of Legal Studies

Monash Master of Legal Studies

Take your career further

Take your career further with the Monash Master of Legal Studies

The Monash Master of Legal Studies is designed to help executives take their career to the very top of corporate and government organisations. It does this by providing a rigorous grounding in the laws that regulate commerce and government for people who don’t have a legal qualification.

The Monash Master of Legal Studies is specifically designed to provide executives with a competitive edge in their career. Combining both practical and theoretical study, it gives non-lawyers a rigorous and comprehensive grounding in the law so they can better understand the framework within which businesses and other organisations operate.

Rigorous knowledge. Specific skills.

Legal knowledge can help any leader deliver better organisational and commercial results, especially in heavily regulated industries. In fact, a study published in the Harvard Review study suggests CEOs with legal training may perform even better than those with an MBA. When you complete a Monash Master of Legal Studies, you’ll undertake the same units as students studying for the Master of Laws degree. In other words, you’ll receive a level of academic rigour that sets you apart from others in your field.

Accelerate your career with a grounding in the law

Monash students have a track record of promotion and career progression and the Monash Master of Legal Studies is specifically designed to help non-lawyers take their career further. It does this by providing an in-depth grounding in the law that allows better informed decisions.  The Master’s degree can benefit anyone who wants the legal knowledge that will help them rise to the top of the corporate or government spheres but doesn’t want to become a practising lawyer.

The flexibility to help you master your career goals in any sector

Our Master of Legal Studies offers the chance to take one of nine different specialisations so you can gain a legal education specific to your industry and your interests. You also have the opportunity to take single units of study. That way you can reinforce a specialisation, with the option of continuing to a full Masters degree and can fit your studies around your career.