Design Health Collab

Design Health Collab is led by MADA Practice Professors Daphne Flynn and Mark Armstrong.

Research team
Mark Armstong, Nyein Aung, Prof Frada Burstien, Chris Cottrell, Tina Dinh, Daniel Dobrogorsky, Daphne Flynn, Indae Hwang, Jeffrey Janet, Keith Joe, Bronte Kerley, Troy McGee, Richard Morfuni, Rowan Page, Eden Potter, Cameron Rose, Prof Frank SmolenaersBernie Walsh, Ian Wong, Caitlin Wood, and others.

Design Health Collab uses a people-centred design approach to understand and activate significant, high-impact healthcare services and products in the world. Our research takes place at the centre of the complex ecosystem of health services:

  • patients
  • clinicians
  • nurses
  • device manufacturers
  • medical researchers
  • engineers
  • and healthcare management.

Current research

Our research focuses on five areas of investigation. Select an area to learn more:

Medical devices of the future are efficient and a pleasure to use. Collaborations with clinical partners, patients, engineers and medical device manufacturers are making this happen.

Complexities in human behaviour are challenging the healthcare sector. Design for positive behaviour change improves the health of patients and healthcare teams.

Understanding patient experience in healthcare systems is vital. Collaborative engagement with patients, staff, carers and hospital partners is creating positive outcomes.

Digital technology is driving rapid change in healthcare. Exploring digital experiences in collaboration with Sensilab, hospital and engineering partners better informs research.

Ensuring better health during daily activities makes life an enjoyable and positive experience. Design beyond the clinical environment supports a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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