ICM+ Tools Information

The software

ICM+ Tools is a Microsoft Excel AddIn that greatly simplifies the summary and analysis of large collections of files containing columnar data. ICM+ Tools was developed specifically to address the needs of neuromonitoring researchers using “ICM+”, a multimodality neuromonitoring and research system developed within Cambridge University's Department of Neurosurgery by Dr Peter Smielewski and Prof Marek Czosnyka.

The benefits of using ICM+ Tools

ICM+ provides functionality for storing and analysing complex neuromonitoring datasets. Over time, these datasets can become quite large, often containing many hundreds or even thousands of files. After reanalysing these data, the results can themselves consist of many files that need to be summarised prior to statistical analysis. Analysing or summarising each file individually is laborious and time-consuming, greatly limiting research output.

ICM+ Tools dramatically reduces user time spent summarising text-format data output by ICM+, thus improving productivity. With this software it is possible to analyse hundreds of files in minutes and seconds (file loading times may vary depending on file size.

System requirements and supported versions

ICM+ Tools has been developed as a Microsoft Excel AddIn, leveraging the inbuilt functionality of Excel to offer a wide range of data summary functions. ICM+ Tools has been tested successfully with Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010. Compatibility with versions other than these is not guaranteed. However, this may be tested by downloading a trial version of the software.

Licence and Registration

Users can register to gain access to the full suite of functionality and benefits offered by ICM+ Tools. Registration is available for a fixed period or ongoing with the fee adjustment as outlined below.

ICM+ Tools (Pricing in AUD)

 Perpetual 3 months
1 Personal License $349.95 $99.95
2 - 5 Personal Licenses $549.95 $199.95
6 - 10 Personal Licenses $749.95 $299.95
11+ Personal Licenses $949.95 $399.95

The registration system is specifically designed to accommodate researchers using ICM+, who will often carry out their analysis over short, intensive periods.

Registration payment can be made from the ICM+ Tools eCart page. After payment please email your software installation code and a copy of the invoice to philip.lewis@monash.edu, and you will be provided with a registration code to unlock ICM+ Tools.

Software Download

To download a trial version of ICM+ Tools, complete this form.

The Developer

Philip Lewis is a Monash researcher based at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. He has been developing applications for Microsoft Office for over 12 years, beginning with the redevelopment of the Alfred Neurosurgery department’s Microsoft Access-based surgical audit system.


Please contact Dr Philip Lewis: