Mild Head Injury Booklets

Following the publication of findings from studies evaluating the impact of the provision of an information booklet to adults and children who have sustained mild traumatic brain injury, these booklets have been produced in large numbers, originally with the aid of a grant from the Jack Brockhoff Foundation. A revised booklet has been written specifically for children. The Department of Human Services has supported the introduction of the booklets into the Emergency Departments of all Victorian Hospitals. The Department provided funding for information sessions to be conducted in each of these Emergency Departments They also provided funds for the reprinting of the booklets and for an evaluation of their usefulness from the perspective of the patients receiving them. The evaluation study was conducted at several metropolitan and country hospitals including: Ballarat Base Hospital, Geelong Hospital, Northern Hospital, Sandringham and District Hospital and Epworth Hospital. Patients who agreed to participate were contacted by telephone. Fifty such interviews were conducted and the response from patients was found to be very positive.

The publication of the study evaluating the use of the children's booklet in the international journal, "Paediatrics", and more recently the publication of results of the evaluation of the adult booklet in the "Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry", has generated a large number of requests for copies of the booklet from all over the world. Both the child and adult head injury booklets can be downloaded from this website as Word files (see below). The booklets are copyright and cannot be reproduced without the permission of the authors.

Mild Head Injury - Children

Mild Head Injury - Adults

The Brain Injury Driving Self-Awareness Measure (BIDSAM)

The BIDSAM is a 28 item measure designed to assess awareness of on-road driving performance in adults undergoing a standardised on-road driving assessment following brain injury. For further information regarding the development and validation of the BIDSAM see Gooden, J. R., Ponsford, J., Charlton, J. L., Ross, P. E., Marshall, S., Gagnon, S., Bedard, M., & Stolwyk, R. J. (in press). The Development and Initial Validation of a New Tool to Measure Self-Awareness of Driving Ability after Brain Injury, Australian Occupational Therapy Journal.

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